Paul Malkmus

Paul witnessed the birth of the Hallelujah Diet when, as a teenager, his father, Rev. George Malkmus, developed the diet within his own family. So he knows better than anyone how it can transform lives by improving health. But The Hallelujah Diet was not always his primary interest and passion. Paul graduated from the University of Maryland, with a communications degree and entered the armed forces.

As Rev. Malkmus began spreading his message, Paul began developing a distinguished career with the United States Air Force. Several years later, after attending one of his father’s Saturday seminars, Paul was greatly moved by the impact The Hallelujah Diet was having on the lives of people from around the world. He had just discovered his life’s work.

The Air Force granted Paul’s request to be relieved of his duties just 3 years prior to retirement in order to help his father turn expand the reach of the Hallelujah Diet.

Paul was named President and CEO in November 1997, and has led its growth into a world-renowned health and wellness organization. He also added graduate studies to the leadership training he gained in the Air Force. Paul is also at the forefront of all new products, testing and promotion and is always eager to see new developments in health and nutrition.

In addition to leading the company, Paul enjoys teaching with his wife Ann, who is Chief of Education, helping to spread the message of the self-healing body. Combining humor and science with a compelling story, Ann and Paul, known around the company as AM and PM, offer a dynamic, enjoyable and educational experience that will transform the way you think about food.