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Tasty Alternatives to Cow’s Milk

One of the biggest myths in the Standard American Diet is that humans need to drink cow’s milk for healthy bones. Milk is a common drink in many households, which can make it difficult to give up milk when people learn about the negative health impacts of dairy foods.

Luckily, there are milk substitutions that you can use. These ingredients can often be substituted in recipes for cow’s milk, because they can be used in exactly the same way. If you are trying to improve the health of your family, consider using these milk alternatives instead:

Almond Milk

This product can be found in nearly every store that you visit, and it is a great source of nutrition. Many families like to use almond milk, especially because it can easily be made at home. Homemade almond milk makes it easier for you to save money if your family drinks a lot of milk on a daily basis. Also, homemade almond milk is a better choice than store-bought almond milk.

Rice Milk

Some people can’t have almond milk because of food allergies, so they choose rice milk instead. Rice milk is a little lighter than almond milk, and many people find it quite pleasant to taste. Look for rice milk at the grocery store, or you can also find many homemade rice milk recipes online.

Coconut Milk

Coconuts are delicious and healthy, and coconut milk has a similar texture to cow’s milk. If you don’t like the “nutty” taste of nut milk, then you might consider coconut milk instead.

Hemp Milk

This milk substitute isn’t quite as common as some of the others listed in this article, but it is a great option if you are looking for a way to support your health. Hemp products provide important omega-3 fatty acids, and they have a delicious, creamy taste.

What about Soy Milk?

Soy milk is a common substitution for cow’s milk, but the truth is that this milk isn’t always the best option. Most of the soy is now produced using genetically modified seeds, and these GMOs can be quite dangerous to your health. If you choose to drink soy milk, you need to be very careful to make sure that you understand the source. If you choose a high quality soy milk, then you can use this as a substitute without worrying about the GMO ingredients. Just make sure to do your research about the manufacturer before buying the product.

As you can see, there are many options that are available to help you decrease the consumption of cow’s milk. These alternatives are delicious and they support your health at the same time! For more information about the benefits of avoiding dairy, make sure to read Unravel the Mystery.


  1. Thanks for this article,how come you didn’t mention tiger nuts milk..that’s the one we take in my home with coconut mixed with dates..cos that’s what is readily available in our country..almonds are always imported and are too expensive

    • Paul & Ann Malkmus February 9, 2016

      Hi Sarah — Tiger nuts are a great replacement for almonds. We’ve had Tiger nut milk and have found it a great replacement. Thanks…

      • Thanks so much,that’s a relief for me..sometimes last year I was diagnosed of laryngeal carcinoid tumour,then I started my veggies diet with a little fruit for about 1 month and then I’m still on my diet tho with cooked food once a day,I’ve only been able to get barley max because I’ve spent so much on biopsies I’ve has 3 biopsies now and a tracheostomy surgery,so right now I still have trach tube on and for a long time I’ve not been able to afford any of the HD supplements its really painful that I cry so much but I still take my carrot juice,cucumber juice,beets,celery,leek,I eat a lot of cabbage,then broccoli,cauliflower..salads,tomatoes,pumpkin and also cook with coconut oil..though I feel so much better but I’m still on it..tho this month I’ve not been able to buy barley max..but I believe that God will supply all my needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus..but some cheaper things I could lay my hands on I feed on them and believing God for more..please keep me in your prayers..God bless you both and whatever else you think you can recommend for my condition pls don’t hesitate I’ll try my best to get them

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