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I have no doctor and am on no medications! My health is great!

I have no doctor and am on no medications! My health is great! I so look forward to your Health Tip each Tuesday and want to thank you for all you do to keep me motivated and healthy.

Submitted By: Joyce
Thank you for your program. It may have saved my life!

I increased my carrot juice from 2 eight-ounce glasses to 4 eight-ounce glasses. After about 5 weeks, my husband said the cancer looked like it was healing. When I went to my dermatologist to have it removed, he told me the lesion was gone and that he would monitor it. I guess God knew I would need the instructions I received at your wonderful Hallelujah Diet facility back in April. Thank you for your program. It may have saved my life!

Submitted By: Nancy S.
He threw all of his medications in the trash can, and began researching, reading, and trying to figure out how to be healthier.

Wendell started on a 6 week detox. He threw all of his medications in the trash can, and began researching, reading, and trying to figure out how to be healthier. This was in March 2005. A few days later a Health Minister called our oldest daughter’s Hair Salon (we feel she was sent by God) and several days later she came to our home to talk with us and that is how we found out about the Hallelujah Diet. The first book she suggested to read was “Why Christians Get Sick?” and then we signed up for the 9 week class taught in her home. All 7 of us went! She was very surprised to see a whole family come to her class and to be so serious about this. But after what we had been through, we were soaking up all the information we could. It just so happened that the Health Minister Training was the very next week after finishing the 9 week workshop, so we signed up for that and made the 14 hour trip to North Carolina to learn more. It was a great trip and we cannot wait to see how God is going to use us in this ministry!

Submitted By: Darlene and Wendell W.

Three years have gone by [since going on the Hallelujah Diet] and I continue the same regime. I shoot my age when golfing (the ultimate goal for a golfer) and have not been beaten by an older

than me since I started the diet. I eat 75% raw, and the rest is cooked food. If I had a serious physical problem I would instantly go 100% raw.

I still see my urologist every 6 months and have a PSA test every 3 months. I have had no medication for the 3 years since I started the diet. I have not had a second biopsy to verify the cancer is gone, but I am sure it is. I have lots of faith in the Healer Within, and am enjoying this new phase of my life. Looking forward to meeting you at the July Health Minister’s training.

Submitted By: Bennett M. of California

The effects of chemo are horrendous and [BarleyMax] has saved my Trinity from mouth sores, mucousitis, swelling, fatigue, diarrhea, and the most significant overall incredible result from BarleyMax is the energy our daughter has, and had during her chemo is once again phenomenal. Doctors and nurses alike are amazed at the energy she possesses. Many parents are beginning to
approach me on what I give our daughter, and have told our Oncologist about it.

Submitted By: Elaine J. of British Columbia

What I first saw as a rude awakening has become a bittersweet experience. Through all my disease and disappointment, I know that I have peace because of that one important decision I made as a teenager years ago. ‘For me to live is Christ and to die is gain’ (Philippians1:21). Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” (III John 2).

Submitted By: Duane O.

We are grateful to God to be alive and to know the truth that has set us free from physical problems so that we in turn can share the Hallelujah healing journey with others. We pray for you and Hallelujah Diet to be protected by God as we see the world attacked by the enemy, however, greater is He (God) who is in us than he who is in the world, amen.

Submitted By: Linda C.

I now have hope of staying well and growing old with my husband and six children! The diet works and I’m sharing this wonderful news with everyone who is searching for the truth. Blessings to all at Hallelujah Diet!

Submitted By: Karen W.

This doctor then went on to say that when his own wife ended up with cancer he asked her to try the Hallelujah Diet and she went into complete remission and has been free of cancer for years now. He strongly advocates this way of eating to his patients.

Submitted By: Anonymous

Hallelujah! I know that I do have to stay on the Hallelujah Diet Lifestyle 100% so it will not come back, for I have seen so many think they are healed and slip back into the world’s foods and stress, only to lose the battle.

Submitted By: Anonymous