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People have found results by using the principles of the Hallelujah Diet to rebuild their self-healing bodies. If you’re battling high cholesterol, heart disease, weight issues or even cancer, the testimonies below will inspire, motivate and encourage. These are normal people who have regained their health, restored their lives and reclaimed their vitality. This could be you too!

If you have experienced the benefits of the Hallelujah Diet in your own life, please take the time to share your experience with others so they may be inspired by your success.

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Within 3-months the cancer was in a 'pre-cancerous' stage and a later pet scan found no cancer in his body

Let me take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate you and Rhonda for your message of hope and healing. We have experienced that hope and healing message first hand. When Ed and I came to Hallelujah Acres for your First Saturday-of-the-month seminar on June 5, 2004, Ed had stomach cancer and the doctors were telling him he must have surgery and chemotherapy. He did neither, but rather adopted The Hallelujah Diet the very next day after attending your seminar. Within 3-months the cancer was in a 'pre-cancerous' stage and a later pet scan found no cancer in his body

Submitted By: Carrie Pressnell
I believe God led me to your seminar and this healthy lifestyle, and I share my testimony in the hope that this information will help someone else.

Monthly blood work continues to show my IGG numbers, an indicator of cancer activity, to be normal. It had been initially over 4,000, but is now around 1400. This has amazed my oncologist who told me the numbers should have gone back up and this was the first time he had ever seen someone beat MM through diet. My recovery from MM included lots of raw vegetable juices, exercise, outside air, sunshine, bedtime by 10, Bible study, positive thoughts, friendships, and I drank lots of purified water. I use my Vita-Mix to make daily green smoothies and try to do as much organic, raw foods as possible. I am truly thankful to God for leading me to Hallelujah Acres and The Hallelujah Lifestyle. I would love to come to Hallelujah Acres someday and take some classes. Many prayed for me, and I had such wonderful friends supporting me in my diet change. I believe God led me to your seminar and this healthy lifestyle, and I share my testimony in the hope that this information will help someone else.

Submitted By: Joyce of Beavercreek, OH
Celebrating over 4 years of excellent health on the Hallelujah Diet.

Celebrating over 4 years of excellent health on the Hallelujah Diet.

Submitted By: Mary M.
It has been a blessing to know that someone cares

My husband Glenn is doing great also! We really appreciate all that you and your staff have done to tell people about the Hallelujah Diet. It has been a blessing to know that someone cares enough to tell others so they can also become well. I also appreciate that you share God's plan of salvation, because accepting Christ, as our Savior is the single most important thing we can do in this life. Thank you both so much and for the sacrifice it takes to do all the work that you do. We appreciate you!

Submitted By: Glenn & Marsha Taylor of Winter Park, FL

I want to make a difference in other people's lives. I have worked with people for over 25 years to help them have a healthy mind, and now I want to help them have a healthy body.

Since incorporating The Hallelujah Diet, Diane has recovered from the following health problems: Fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr, chronic fatigue, a thyroid problem, a seizure disorder, and 2 spinal surgeries.

Submitted By: Diane G. of Port Jefferson, NY

Thank you Rev. Malkmus for your health ministry! It may be a lot of work in the kitchen (I don't like kitchen work) for me but the results are extraordinary and a huge blessing to live life well and enjoy it with youthfulness rather than struggle through it with sickness. I, Judith have not been as devout on the diet as John but I am sure that once I ask for the prayers of all those reading this testimony that I will be blessed and graced from God with the determination and strength to proceed onward and lose the extra lbs. that needs to come off me. And, Yes, you guessed it, all of you are in our prayers to succeed and promote the Hallelujah way of life to give Glory To God In The Highest!

Submitted By: Judith & John R.

Here I thought I was going to lose my daughter, and now she is doing so well, and so am I, and the rest of my family, and I just had to let you know how much I appreciate your stand and information and ministry. I have told anyone who asks about Laura, how your ministry has helped her, and given countless people your Web site and basic information.

It being the first Thanksgiving Day on our new diet, when I thanked Jesus for all my blessings, you were at the top of my list. Also, people keep asking me how I went from a size 16 plus, to wearing size 8 and 10's in six months. So I gladly tell them! Mama's heart for helping us. Love in Christ.

Submitted By: Dawn of Hammond, IN

After being on The Hallelujah Diet for only two months, lab reports came back negative - no cancer could be found. Hallelujah! In my work, I see and talk to so many sick people and I want so much to be able to be sufficiently knowledgeable to be able to help them. That is my reason for coming to Health Minister training.

Submitted By: Lorrie H. of Constableville, NY

We are over 3 years on the Hallelujah Diet and the hospital cannot find any trace of cancer in Jenny. Praise the Lord! We do wish you a 100% quick recovery and we are looking forward to many more very informative weekly Health Tips.

Submitted By: Henk & Jenny E. of New Zealand

The doctors still want her to have Chemo and Radiation. No way! I'm so proud of my mom for changing her diet so radically. She has lost 50 unneeded pounds and looks great. She has set an example for all those who know her that our bodies can heal themselves if we stop poisoning ourselves and feed ourselves foods that will heal. Thank you to the Malkmus's and all those associated with you.

Submitted By: Maggi F.