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People have found results by using the principles of the Hallelujah Diet to rebuild their self-healing bodies. If you’re battling high cholesterol, heart disease, weight issues or even cancer, the testimonies below will inspire, motivate and encourage. These are normal people who have regained their health, restored their lives and reclaimed their vitality. This could be you too!

If you have experienced the benefits of the Hallelujah Diet in your own life, please take the time to share your experience with others so they may be inspired by your success.

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Our Success Stories

My blood sugar levels are now even all the time.

The improvements I have seen in my health since changing my diet six years ago include improvement in my level of arthritic pain, my thinking is clearer and my energy level is better, nor do I get cancers in my mouth anymore. My weight is easier to maintain although it is sometimes a battle. My blood sugar levels are now even all the time.

Submitted By: L.N. of British Columbia, Canada
I quickly lost 50 lbs., and the arthritis in my knees was gone.

I quickly lost 50 lbs., and the arthritis in my knees was gone. Normally, I would have 2-3 colds a year and the flu at least once. Since being on the Hallelujah Diet, I have not been sick a day. More importantly, since going on this diet, I have gotten much closer to God.

Submitted By: Anonymous
After only 3-months on the diet, my husband had lost 45 pounds; his blood pressure is now good; his cholesterol is getting better; his skin cancers have gone away; and the plantar wart on his foot is almost gone

Apparently those who need to lose weight will, and those who don't, won't on The Hallelujah Diet. I have lost 20 pounds and was headed for another 20 pound weight loss, but now there is a baby coming and suppose further weight loss will have to be put on hold. My constipation is clearing up, and I am watching a skin cancer on my face go away. My husband and I are both 43.

Submitted By: Lamilla of Huntsville, AL
Her cough went away in 3 days, and the pain from the cancer in her ribs went away after a week

Her results were nothing short of miraculous! By the time I came home (after only one month), she was out shopping, helping to make dinner and juice, and told me she did not feel like she had cancer anymore. She had had her stomach pumped out 3 days before I arrived for the second time, but this was not necessary again after I started her on The Hallelujah Diet, along with those supplements. Her cough went away in 3 days, and the pain from the cancer in her ribs went away after a week. It was at this point that she decided on her own to not go for any more chemo and to also stop all her medications. God is so good!

Submitted By: Ellie Stalker of Lake Charles, LA
healthy we all are, how my cancer is gone, diabetes gone too, how much weight we've lost

And thank you too, Dr. Malkmus for your weekly Health Tips that show up in my E-mail box, even on the weeks I would have forgotten about reading them; for the experts that you have on your staff; and for the information from experts you share in your weekly Health Tips that have done the research to prove the finer points of The Hallelujah Lifestyle for the nay sayers. Thank you also for looking to the Author and Finisher of our faith to give you direction - and then boldly proclaiming what has to be an unwelcome message to many. I covet your prayers, so that in six months to a year, I can write again to tell you how healthy we all are, how my cancer is gone, diabetes gone too, how much weight we've lost, and how our outreach of sharing this health message is making a difference in our community. Nothing is too hard for our God!

Submitted By: Jeanne S.

I would like to tell you what a difference The Hallelujah Diet made during my fourth pregnancy. I felt better than with any of the other three. I had gained 35-45 pounds with the first three, but not only did I gain more with each, but I felt worse with each. When I changed my diet with the fourth, I only gained 18 pounds, and felt great! The delivery was also the best of all four. I have always had good deliveries, but this one beat them all. The night prior to our fourth's birth, we went to the hospital around
11:00 pm. They released us at 2:00 am., thinking I wasn't in labor. We got up the next morning to return to the hospital but prior to leaving the house, my water broke at 7:04 am., and by 7:07 am. I was holding April Joy in my arms. I didn't push even once and felt no pain after my water broke. We are planning a home birth for our fifth. April Joy is now 2 years old and loves raw veggies, fruit smoothies, BarleyMax�, carrot juice, etc. All the kids (ages 2, 5, 6, and 8) have made the changes to our vegan lifestyle very well, but it has been the easiest for the youngest. They have known nothing different. I have even caught April sneaking BarleyMax out of the cupboard!

Submitted By: Anonymous

Since stopping the anti-estrogen and going on The Hallelujah Diet, I haven't felt this well in a year. Thanks for all your help and information. My family is very skeptical, but I pray that I will continue to do what I know is right! Keep serving the Lord in this way. This is a great ministry!

Submitted By: Ray D.

We have had the pleasant surprise of his no longer snoring and are back sharing the same bedroom, while both are enjoying a pleasant night's sleep! Thank you for your ministry.

Submitted By: Ellen B.

They told me of the Hallelujah Diet, which I have followed since March 2001. I stopped all chemotherapy treatment, now I have regained my weight, and I have more energy each day. I know that my tumors have not completely disappeared yet, but the Lord is doing the work in my life. My doctor is shocked that there is no metastasis.

Submitted By: Maria Angelica P. of Valdivia, Chile

I thank God for you and your ministry! God has led me to a 'better' way in order that I might help lead others! I plan to make this health ministry my life's work

Submitted By: Anonymous