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Why Eat Raw?

God designed our bodies to be nourished with living foods. Enzyme-rich foods are critical for your health. An enormous amount of testimonies from real people and scientific research prove this is true.

When you don't consume enough, your body doesn’t get all of the nutrition it needs. This weakens your body’s ability to heal and fend off disease.

Raw foods with Hallelujah Diet
Juice powders with Hallelujah Diet

What is the best way to eat more raw, living foods?

First, drink freshly extracted vegetable juice every day. Second, take BarleyMax, our premium organic unheated juice powder. These two steps will give you the nutrition that is lacking from our commercially grown foods coming from depleted soils.

The Power of BarleyMax

Organic juice powders allow you to receive the full value of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that you may be missing in your food. In other words, with unheated juice powder supplements you receive all of the vital nutrients to live your healthiest life.

But is your so-called “raw” juice powder supplement actually raw and unheated? Many of the products on the market aren’t actually raw. Take a look at our test results to see how your favorite stacks up against the competition.

BarleyMax - Premium, Organic, Unheated Juice Powder

BarleyMax is the best juice powder on the market. Don’t take our word for it, we have extensive research to back up the power of our juice powders. Take a look at our test results to see how our supplements offer the highest amounts of health-boosting enzymes on the market.

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