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As part of a broader business initiative to expand it’s brand, The Hallelujah Diet ®, one of the country’s leading plant-based nutraceutical organizations, has launched The Hallelujah Diet System to bring its premier products, services, delicious recipes and support to the expanding health and wellness market estimated to be a trillion dollar global industry by 2017. The change will poise the organization for growth and will extend the brand’s presence to millions of multi-generational and multi-cultural consumers wanting preventative healthcare resources and desiring a healthier lifestyle. The Hallelujah Diet brand strategy includes three core components: (1) a new brand identity, including a new tagline Fall in Love with Food Again™, the new Hallelujah Diet meal plan, new packaging and new products; (2) the first-ever brand platform that offers health-conscious individuals three easy, distinctive and comprehensive entry points to Boost, Support or Restore their health; and (3) an enhanced multi-media customer experience via a new web site (, e-commerce, CRM and social media platforms and affiliate marketing programs – encouraging consumers to purchase and proactively interact with The Hallelujah Diet brand and its content. In concert with the new brand launch, the company rolled out several new products including the Hallelujah Diet Organic Essential Protein, Organic Advanced Superfood products, Vitamin D3-K2, Nascent Iodine and a new brand, Luminology which includes Balance, Breeze and Clarity, a new line of menopause plant-based supplements to reach new audiences and enter into new categories.

“We will continue to meet ongoing consumer demand to deliver the highest quality, naturally sourced products to both our current customers and also millions of new consumers who will now be introduced to The Hallelujah Diet experience for the first time,” said Paul Malkmus president and chief executive officer of The Hallelujah Diet. “The move toward more thoughtful and informed eating is not a fad, but a societal shift that is expected only to accelerate. Our new business model and strategies are designed to address consumer needs, retail expansion and the projected industry growth.”

The organization’s repositioning initiatives are centered on The Hallelujah Diet System’s strategic marketing platform that offers consumers three specific points of entry to achieve various lifestyle and health goals: (1) Boost Your Health! (2) Live Healthy! and (3) Restore Your Health! With an increased demand for healthier products, the Boost Your Health! entry point guides a new generation, as well as Baby Boomers, to consume more plant-based foods, and vitamins and supplements to help improve their overall health. Live Healthy! speaks directly to the demand for long-term solutions to help prevent disease through healthy lifestyle choices. The Hallelujah Diet System helps individuals build a customized plan that includes the Hallelujah Diet™ plant-based meal plan, along with natural supplements to increase nutrient intake and reduce toxins, which boosts the immune system, increases energy, provides anti-aging benefits and achieves weight loss. The Restore Your Health! platform focuses on the growing health and wellness industry trend of ‘nutrigenomics’ or personalized nutrition to help individuals treat chronic health conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and arthritis. This restorative system includes an exclusive plant-based diet, specially designed ‘Get Started’ kits and supplements to meet the complex dietary needs of someone facing a chronic illness. The Hallelujah Diet infographic offers a snapshot into the comprehensive diet system and lifestyle.

“Our new brand identity continues our mission to help individuals not only to live a healthier life but to achieve a more vibrant, fulfilling quality of life where people can resume activities that had become difficult or even impossible because of obesity, aging or other chronic illnesses,” said Melvin Young Lewis, branding expert and chief marketing officer of The Hallelujah Diet. “The new Hallelujah Diet identity logo is simple and clean, which celebrates and reflects the true essence of the diet. We are expanding our portfolio of premium, superior quality products and services and simplifying ways for our audiences to engage with our new Hallelujah Diet platform through national branding campaigns, social media, new content, e-commerce and CRM strategies, affiliate programs and other digital touch points. Combined, these strategic initiatives, integrated marketing programs and nutraceutical solutions will help to us to grow the business and differentiate our brand, while strengthening our position as a competitive global brand.”

An expanding burgeoning market, the neutraceutical (vitamins and dietary supplements) industry is poised to grow 51 percent to $US 226 billion over the next four years. The Hallelujah Diet brand initiatives tackle this expected growth head-on by effectively engaging with existing and new customers to drive sales and long-term brand equity. The organization is introducing new products, new books, new content and a wide range of delicious raw, plant-based recipes: all designed to encourage consumers to “Fall In Love With Food Again” along with seven new ‘Get Started’ and maintenance support kits focused on chronic diseases. The Hallelujah Diet also provides consumers extensive health and wellness educational resources including the Your Wellness Advisor that enables individuals to self-identify health interests and develop even more specific personalized plans. A “plant-based” diet, integral to The Hallelujah Diet, has been proven to address nutritional deficiency, reduce toxicity and improve overall health. The organization’s products are USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, 100% Vegan, Kosher and Natural Food Certified.

About The Hallelujah Diet
The Hallelujah Diet, the nation’s premier plant-based diet and one of the country’s leading nutraceutical organizations, has been in existence for more 20 years. Founded by Rev. George Malkmus and now led by Paul Malkmus, President and CEO, the Hallelujah Diet is headquartered in the Charlotte North Carolina area has an international office in Canada, with distributorships in Canada and Nigeria.