I am an eighteen-year-old senior attending Tech High School in Delaware. Last year I learned of the Hallelujah Diet through my technical teacher. He is a Christian strong in his faith. He was always telling us about this ‘great’ diet he was on called the Hallelujah Diet. I became interested in this diet through him.

During the end of my junior year, I did a great amount of research and wrote my junior paper on how America struggles with health. In my paper, I discussed the benefits of an all-natural diet, as well as the detrimental effects from eating dairy, meat, sugar, and patronizing fast food restaurants. Then in my senior year, I chose to keep up with my research and add on to my junior paper. I decided to add on information about the Hallelujah Diet and the importance of juicing. Your books and website were beneficial in aiding me with my research.

In November, for my senior project, my mother and I went on the Hallelujah Diet. As skeptics going into the ‘project,’ we couldn’t believe the results. In twenty-one days my mother lost eighteen pounds and her cholesterol dropped 60 points. I had more energy than I have ever had and my skin was clearer than it had ever been. After twenty-one days we stopped the diet and we could see how our health went back to being un-energized and unhealthy.

I presented the diet to a panel of nine judges. The judges included a school nurse, two pharmacists, an army recruiter, a housewife, a prominent businessman, two school board members, and my teacher. They couldn’t believe the facts on meat, sugar, dairy, salt, and white flour. Out of my panel, four of the judges are trying the Hallelujah Diet and three of my family members are also on the diet. My teacher also asked me to present my project and paper to the current junior class.

The students were impressed and concerned about the facts that I presented to them, but they also were discouraged because they would have to give up the foods that they liked and that suited their busy lifestyles. I also showed the video ‘Diet for a New America’ to both my panel and the juniors. Their faces and comments about the video were out of shock. The people who viewed the video said that they were not going to eat any more meat, but when I asked them the next day, they said they did eat some meat.

My teacher also showed us the ‘How to Eliminate Sickness’ video. Some of the students asked why it was so difficult to go on this diet. My teacher replied that one of the reasons is because we receive the knowledge, we understand the knowledge, but the most difficult part is to apply the knowledge, because we are creatures of habit. We are used to eating sugar, salt, and fatty foods and do not like to give up these foods.

I would like to thank you for creating a diet that helps multitudes of people. The information you provided me was great for all ages of people, even young ones. My class, family, and I have learned so much through your books and your teachings.