In 1991, when I was 43, I had a primary malignant melanoma removed from my leg and understood that at 2.6 mm deep it was potentially a killer. All went well for six years until October 1997, when I noticed a swollen lymph node at the top of the leg. I knew the cancer had spread. 

I was referred to a cancer surgeon who booked me to have the lymph nodes removed and suggested there was hope, a new wonder drug, Interferon. He said this drug should improve my chances of survival. I felt I had no option as far as the surgery went, but agonized over whether to go with the Interferon. 

When I told one of my gliding friends of my predicament, he fortunately invited me in for a cup of tea and his wife joined us and handed me a book saying, ‘Just read that, Owen.’ It was ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health.’ Not being a Christian, I at first thought it wasn’t for me and put it aside. Then I thought, I consider myself an open- minded person, why not read it and judge for myself? I started reading it the day before I went in for surgery and continued reading it while in the hospital. I was really impressed with the common sense and logical approach to the whole subject and told my wife that I was going on the Hallelujah Diet when I left the hospital. 

The oncologist thought I was being unwise and asked where I was going to get my calcium from–I can’t believe he asked me that. I should have asked where he thinks cows get their calcium from. He assured me that diet had no effect on melanoma and this had been proven many times. I decided to ignore these comments. 

Unfortunately, after getting advice from several sources, I chose to go onto the twelve month course of Interferon. And because the surgeon found the cancer had spread into the tissues around the lymph nodes, I even agreed to undergo radiation to the area. Initially I responded well to both treatments, but after five months was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia, one of a multitude of side effects of Interferon. After a heavy course of intravenous antibiotics I improved and went back home. 

Two weeks later I was back in the hospital with a more dangerous form of pneumonia. This time it was really touch and go as maximum doses of antibiotics were not working and I could feel myself going steadily downhill. I took myself off the Interferon and was back home within two or three days. This was June 1998. 

I continued following the Hallelujah Diet and have steadily improved. The doctors have been amazed at my recovery from the lung damage (caused by the pneumonia), and the infection that occurred at the operation site. To date I have had no recurrence of the melanoma. I have been back to work for nine months, I swim, ride my bike, or use the exercise bike every morning, am regularly getting up in my glider, and feeling really well. 

To illustrate how well I’ve done in comparison to other less fortunate melanoma victims–three other people, two in the U.S. and one in the Netherlands, had the same operation and went on the same drug as me, at the same time. The last one died over a year ago. To the best of my knowledge, none of them changed their diets. 

I have recently learned that another member of my gliding club also had stage three melanoma in 1986. He had the surgery, but no drugs or radiation, and then went on a diet similar to the Hallelujah Diet, and now considers himself fully cured. Other benefits I have gained from the Hallelujah Diet include: I have suffered from osteoarthritis of the hip joints since birth. Often this caused severe pain and loss of sleep. I find that now I can actually enjoy walking and suffer very little pain. Although I used to try to resist painkillers, I don’t even consider them anymore. For years I was told that I would eventually need hip replacements. Not any more. I no longer suffer from motion sickness, often soaring for 4-5 hours without any nausea. My skin is smoother and more pliable, fingernails are stronger, and my hair is softer, and I look much younger. Since going on the Hallelujah Diet, I have not had a cold, the flu, or even a headache. Judging by my own experience, and the testimonials I have read, you and Rhonda, along with your support staff, are doing a fantastic job. Already you must have improved the quality of life for a countless number of people from all over the world. You obviously love doing it, too. I know I don’t need to say it, but keep up the good work.