A good friend introduced me to your change of life-style and dehydrated barley juice powder after he became so concerned about my poor health. My blood pressure was 140/120. I was experiencing constant terrible headaches and blurred vision. My neurologist said that according to the MRI, I had experienced a mild stroke. Her treatment was a whole list of pills for all of the above mentioned problems. I was taking some to control my blood pressure, some to put me sleep at night, some to wake me up and some to calm me down. As a result of all this medication I found it very difficult to function at all. 

During this time I was on all of this medication I had very little exercise and as a result I gained up to 221 pounds. At 42 years old I felt like I had just signed off and there was just not much hope me. I kept hearing about dehydrated barley juice powder and what it could do for me so I thought why not give it a try. I started with just dehydrated barley juice powder for a couple of weeks and started to feel some better. Next I bought a Champion juicer and started juicing carrots. By the end of the third week I cut my medication back over 50% and started on raw vegetables and fruit. I have been on nothing but the natural diet now for approximately four months and as a result my blood pressure is a solid 120/80, my weight is down to 174 for a loss of 47 pounds, and I have stopped all twelve medications and I can’t remember when I have had more energy. I have not had a headache since I started on this diet.