I started searching for a better way of life after my wife died from pancreatic cancer in 1995. During her sickness I started reading and searching to find answers. When my wife died, I accused the medical establishment of killing her, but was totally ignored. 

I have been on The Hallelujah Diet since the summer of 1997, when I acquired a juicer. I became a Health Minister in the Fall of 1997. I juice every day, and have been drinking from 5 to 7 cups of raw veggie juice every day for the past 8-years. 

Since going on The Hallelujah Diet I have seen the elimination of: acid reflux; heartburn; arthritis; back pain; bleeding gums; body odor; bronchitis; colds; constipation; dandruff; dizziness; migraine headaches; motion sickness; nausea; and pneumonia. My new wife Jan and I teach the Get Healthy! Stay Balanced class twice a year. We conduct a support group for Healthy Eating the fourth week of each month. Since we started teaching health, we have helped approximately 650 people.