Betty, my sweet wife of 21 years, and I, started the Hallelujah Diet in early Aug. 2002. She had been put on oxygen in June and wasn’t able to walk any great distance. In fact, to do to the Tabernacle, which is about a block from our house, I would put her in the car and drive 3 blocks to get her to the summer services. We always took the oxygen along, sometimes she wouldn’t need it. But, it was there if needed. She quit the oxygen in early Sept. and hasn’t needed the wheelchair since Labor day. 

As for me, I wasn’t able to do very much either, because of radiation in 2000. All that summer, I would reach out and take whatever ailment came along. I was very weak. I was able to go to work Sept 3rd. I wash dishes for Meals on Wheels and the senior Center, that feeds 60 to 80 people a day. I work two weeks on and two weeks off. 

I have a standing order at the lab for complete blood test every six months. This last test showed my cholesterol had dropped from high 200’s – 300 to 175. My trig’s from high 200’s to 150. I saw the doctor this week and he was real pleased. My skin looks good and my joints are returning to normal. We both have dropped over 25 lbs. apiece. We are very grateful for the Hallelujah Diet. Thanks and many God continue to bless you and your efforts.