I desire to become a Health Minister because of the way my husband and I witnessed positive health and mental changes within ourselves and many people around us when we and they adopted The Hallelujah Diet. The clarity of mind, the peace in my heart, and the calmness in my body are all the wonderful results of eating The Hallelujah Way. 

I have always been skeptical of traditional medicine, and what a huge gift it was when I discovered The Hallelujah Diet – Wow! What awesome medicine the Lord gave us in Genesis 1:29! I’ll never go back to the world’s way of eating. 

Before adopting The Hallelujah Diet I had digestive problems, very dry skin, was losing my hair, not sleeping, had fibroids in my breast and skin cancers had been removed from my face 4 times – the last one required plastic surgery. As a result of being on The Hallelujah Diet, constipation problems are gone; skin is much improved; no more joint pain; fibroids have reduced by half; sleeping all night; and I have a clear mind. And the really awesome thing is that my husband has joined me on this diet. 

Thank you God for providing so many good hearts in this world who shared your awesome Health Message with me.