My name is Rita, and I hail from Pennsylvania, where it is cold right now. I started the Hallelujah Diet after a friend told me about it. 

Prior to the diet change, I had been plagued by poor health for 24 years. Now, for the first time in all those years I am disease free! Eight different diseases have departed in just two months and I am off eight different medications. My asthma is gone, along with my high blood pressure, acid reflux, a heart murmur, prolapsed mitrovalve, insomnia, sinusitis and hemorrhoids. 

I had been a vegetarian for the past eleven years, but did not eat much raw food. The result of eating all that cooked food was devastating! I know that God delivered me from all my diseases for a purpose. A gift isn’t a gift until it is given away. I hope to share the good news of the gospel as well as the good news of the Hallelujah Diet. Thank you, Rev. Malkmus, for sharing.