Blessings Rhonda & Rev. Malkmus, I wrote a couple months ago, giving my own testimony of how The Hallelujah Diet had helped me, but now I write to you on behalf of my Mother, Gloria. She wanted me to express her appreciation to you for what you are doing for others! God is using you in such a mighty way. 

My mother underwent heart surgery – had 3 stints put in – and as a result suffered a small stroke and was very close to having a heart attack. her blood pressure was 230/150, and sometimes higher. She suffered with acid reflux and a hernia, and could hardly swallow. She was close to 250 pounds and had back pain, cysts, swelling in her feet and legs, terrible migraines and mood swings. 

When first starting The Hallelujah Diet, she was on 22 medications. In just under one year, on The Hallelujah Diet, she has been able to reduce her medications from 22 to just 3! No more chest pains, no more migraines, acid reflux gone! hernia gone! The cysts are gone! She doesn’t have leg and feet swelling anymore and her blood pressure is now 120 over 70. She has lost over 30 pounds and now has abundant energy! 

Her doctors are amazed and told her to keep doing what she is doing. One of her doctors is a Christian and said he had heard of The Hallelujah Diet, encouraged her to stay on it, and said she is doing the right thing! She went today for her first day of training for Hospice – this has been her dream to show the Love and compassion of Christ to the elderly and sick and she is spreading your message Dr. Malkmus, about God’s Way to Ultimate Health everywhere she goes. God’s diet has taken 20 years off my mom – she is 53 and looks like she did when she was in her thirties! Now she is giving back because of what God has done for her through The Hallelujah Diet, and thru your faithfulness Dr. Malkmus. 

My Family is forever thankful to you for doing what God has called you to do. You are in our prayers. Please continue to Go Forth Into All The World, renewing minds to the truth that sets the captives free. Much Love In Christ.