I started on the Hallelujah diet five years ago, after hearing you speak on a talk show out of Greenville, SC, on television, one morning after once again praying during my quiet time, for God to heal me of my migraine headaches. I was having one that morning. At that time, I was having migraine’s about twice a week and taking medication by injection for them. It was very delibilitating. 

Interestingly enough, I had purchased your book, “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” , a few weeks earlier and after having read parts of it, came to the conclusion that if you could stick to this diet, you most certainly would have to get well, but I thought that it was too extreme for me to follow. Anyway, that morning after listening to you, Rev. Malkmus, I believe the Holy Spirit opened my heart and mind and I knew in my spirit that this was indeed the answer to my prayers. I began the diet, cold turkey, the next day, and have been on it ever since. 

Now, my husband, who grew up on a dairy farm and was a meat and potatoes guy, he was not going to have anything to do with this and I told him that I would gladly cook his food the way he wanted it as long as he didn’t discourage me. In the evenings, I would sit and read your book and share things with him from it. It only took him about two weeks to begin the diet as well. For a man who hated anything raw, it could only have been the Holy Spirit working on him to move him to that point. He is now more committed to and more convinced of the truth of this lifestyle than I am, and I’m sold out to it! 

It didn’t even take two weeks for the migraine headaches to be history, along with acid reflux, heartburn, low energy and weight loss of about 12 pounds, all I need to lose. Within the first few months, I experienced much improvement in joint pain from arthritis, better eyesight, better complexion, and silky, shiny hair, improvement of the fungus infection under my nails, and when I went for a bone density test, I was found to have the bone health of a woman in her early twenties. I am 61 years old. My blood pressure, at last check, was 110/70 and my cholesterol is 162 over all, with the bad cholesterol being 70. I take absolutely no medications of any kind. With a family history of cancer, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, high blood pressure and diabetes, and being a cancer survivor myself, I am so grateful to you, Rev. Malkmus, for introducing me to this lifestyle. I will never to go back to the Standard American Diet nor will my husband. 

My husband’s main concern was all the weight he was gaining and he lost a total of 45 pounds. He also had experienced headaches for all the hears I had known him. He took aspirin every day. That is all behind him now. He doesn’t get headaches nor does he take any medication. He is 62 and in excellent health, with lots of energy. He looks great! Rev. Malkmus, we want to thank you so very much for the weekly newsletter. It is an encouragement to us and helps us stay on track. Even though we are sold out to this lifestyle, it is so encouraging to hear from you and also to hear about how others are getting well on the Hallelujah diet. It makes us feel as though we know you.