I started on the Hallelujah Diet five weeks ago. After only four days I was able to remove my Prilosec (GERD medication). I couldn’t believe it, because I had tried several times before to get off it, and would end up having to take Tums before noon. 

Well, the next thing that happened was that I was able to stop taking my Cardura (blood pressure medication). The last 14 times I have checked my blood pressure it was 117/66, without any medication! I have also lost 13 pounds, and have had no adverse side effects since starting the diet 35 days ago. I still have a hard time believing the diet could work so quickly. Oh, I almost forgot to mention what happened when I went recently for my annual physical: the doctor was surprised to see that the swelling of my lower extremities had disappeared. God bless you, Rev. Malkmus, for developing this diet.