Help and Support

What to Know Before you Start

What’s a Juice Up?

The Reclaim Your Health program is zero-cost, web-based, health coaching programs based on The Hallelujah Diet.

Reclaim Your Health provides daily guidance through emails and videos to help you achieve and sustain your health goals.


Is there a cost?

No. Participation is 100% free.


Do I have to buy anything?

No. There is no requirement to buy anything other than your own groceries in order to follow the program. However, in order to achieve long term, optimal health, you may need some kitchen equipment and/or supplies that you don’t usually have in your home. See our Start-Up Checklist before starting.


Why should I do this?

Diet has a profound effect on your health. We receive testimonies every day from people whose lives have been transformed (and even spared) by strengthening their immune system through optimal nutrition, which equips the body to be self-healing as God intended it to be.


What will I get for starting a challenge?

We provide all the support you need for the duration of your program. You will receive the Daily Boost with personalized email encouragement, exclusive videos, recipes and printable content such as a daily journal and shopping lists. Plus, you’ll get access to our support forums and testimonies to connect with others on the same challenge.


When will I start receiving emails?

Within 24 hours of your start date. You should have a new email in your mailbox every day for the duration of the program.

The Daily Boost emails should match up with the content you have available on the website. In some instances, you may get an email slightly ahead of schedule. For example, an email may arrive at 11:00 PM for content that is available starting at Midnight.


Will I experience detox symptoms? If so, what should I expect?

When you begin to feed your body with optimal nutrition and supplement your body will react positively by cleansing itself of toxins. This can happen many different ways.

Over 60% of people who start The Hallelujah Diet do not experience any detox symptoms. Those who do may experience headaches, chills, diarrhea, nausea, feeling faint, sweating, body odor, acne outbreaks, bad breath, mucous build-up, pain in previously injured tissues, etc. Symptoms can be uncomfortable but they are temporary (usually lasting only a couple of days) – don’t make the false assumption that “this diet is making me sick.”

Toxins stored in your body must re-enter your blood stream before being expelled; this is what causes detox symptoms.

There are some tips that will be shared on how to slow down the detox process if it becomes too severe.


How do I start?

Just click I’m Ready To Start to create an account and sign up.  Make sure to check the Start-Up Checklist to ensure you have what you need on hand before you begin.


Can children participate?

Yes! With a few minor modifications, The Hallelujah Diet is ideal for growing children. In fact, children can get more of nutrients they need on The Hallelujah Diet than they can on a standard American diet (without the junk). Keep in mind that children should NOT use Fiber Cleanse, and they need a calorie dense breakfast.


What if I’m on medication?

We do not advocate that persons starting The Hallelujah Diet discontinue their medications without the advice of their primary physician. Let your doctor know that you are adjusting your diet and ask for their advice regarding your medications.


Can I access the resources after it’s done?

Yes. You will continue to have access to all of the resources.


What happens if I cancel my participation in the middle of a challenge – can I get back in later?

Yes and no.

You can continue to get access to all the materials by logging into your account, but will not be able to resume the Daily Boost emails.

Here’s the technical explanation if you want it. Be warned. It’s kind of complicated.

Daily Boost messages are automatically set to begin sending on your start date. When you unsubscribe in the middle, the email program thinks you don’t want these messages any more (because you said so).

The system marks your address as unsubscribed, but does not actually remove you. This is for your protection, so we cannot accidentally send you messages you don’t want.

The only way to re-subscribe to emails using the same email address for this specific Juice Up is to click the “manage my subscriptions” link in the bottom of one of our previous emails. Even doing this may have unexpected results.

Since the start date is the trigger for your automatic messages, if you resubscribe after the original program is done, you still won’t get any messages. If you resubscribe before the original program is done, you will most likely miss some in the middle.

You can resubscribe under a different email address, but doing so will restart the Daily Boosts for that Juice Up at the beginning.

Starting and stopping one Juice Up will NOT affect other programs.


How long will I continue to receive daily emails?

You will receive one (1) Daily Boost message per day for 60 days from your start date. This includes weekends. After that, your daily messages will cease.

We may occasionally send an update about additional features.


What’s the catch? Why are giving me all this stuff for free?

Hallelujah Diet is a non-denominational Christian organization dedicated to helping others discover that by simply changing their diet, they can be symptom-free of most diseases and many other health-related conditions.

It is our mission to help people everywhere experience vibrant health by empowering the self-healing body God created with a diet and lifestyle as described in the book of Genesis, while ministering a closer walk with Him.

Yes, we do offer products for sale and hope that you’ll buy some of them. We will even give you special offers on some during the 60 days. These sales support our overall mission to help people through better nutrition, but you are in no way obligated or pressured to purchase a thing.