Why Hallelujah Acres is the Industry Leader in Self-Regulation

IMG_1327In the realm of natural food products, there is a small but growing category of raw food products, outside of the produce section of the local market. These raw food products are available from Hallelujah Acres, which has grown over the last 20 years, fueled by consumer interest in raw foods, and other companies have sprung up as well.

Are your supplements really raw and why is that important?
Hallelujah Diet is the authority in raw food testing.

However, there is a glaring blind spot in this industry. Everyone claims to sell raw food products, but no one verifies that they are indeed raw. Many other label claims require testing and certification of results. Why not the raw food claim?

There has been no standard way of determining whether a food product in a package is raw and unheated. Hallelujah Acres is forging ahead in developing this standard, based on testing food products, and a history of testing its own food products for over 15 years.

Utilizing enzymes assays with standard, commercially available substrates for enzymes that naturally occur in plants, any company can verify that their food products are indeed raw. However, most companies lack the expertise to carry out these assays. They turn to third party labs for other assays to verify label claims. Why not for food enzymes?

Currently, no third party labs perform standardized enzyme testing to verify that a food product is raw. Hallelujah Acres is willing to share its expertise, protocols and techniques so that the industry will be self-regulating. By doing so, we will all be able to verify the raw quality of the products that we offer.

So, it is in our own best interests to take proactive measures to verify that the raw products that we are offering for sale to the public are indeed raw foods when we claim that they are raw. Hallelujah Acres is leading the way in setting the standard for raw food testing.