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This is an unusual testimony but nevertheless a wonderful one

This is an unusual testimony but nevertheless a wonderful one. We have known about the Hallelujah Acres and diet for about 15 years now when Dr. Malkmus came to talk at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI.


Submitted By: Jeanine V. of Exeter, California

We were given a sweet Pomeranian dog (age 6) six years ago by a co-worker of my husband. She is now 12 years old. She could no longer take care of "Coco" because she had to move in and care for her aging mother.

I have a very different kind of testimony that may be of interest to pet lovers. In July of this year I bought a pair of guinea pigs from a local pet store. They were both young and beautiful. After a few days at home, I noticed that the female was having loud, labored breathing. When I took her to the vet, he told me she had a severe respiratory infection, probably pneumonia, and that there was a good chance she might not make it.

Dear George, Here's a different slant on The Hallelujah Diet. When our Border Collie (Holly) got sick a year and a half ago, I began thinking that if proper diet works for humans, then it should work for Holly also. At the time, Holly had Pyoderma -- a skin infection. It had broken out all over her body and face as oozing sores. The vet gave us antibiotics, but I could not get them into her.

Hi George and Olin, I need to share this with you, as I had sent some information to you earlier which indicated that Alfalfa was poisonous to cats. I wondered if Barley Max was safe to use in their food.