Olin Idol

Olin Idol, Hallelujah Acres’ Vice President of Health, was originally called to be a pastor and graduated with a degree in religion. Just prior to entering the seminary he happened upon the book, Why Christians Get Sick, by Rev. George Malkmus. He had long had an interest in health and nutrition but what he read in this book would change his life forever.

His dedication to the Hallelujah Diet would lead him to attend his first training program at Hallelujah Acres to become an official advocate. He began teaching others the essentials of the lifestyle while also continuing his personal nutrition studies. Olin would ultimately earn his ND degree from Trinity School of Natural Health, and subsequently attained the Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC) designation by the American Association of Nutritional Consultants.

Olin joined the staff of Hallelujah Acres in 1995 as right hand to Rev. George Malkmus. He continues to dedicate his life and career to the growth and expansion of all Hallelujah Acres programs.