What is the Hallelujah Diet™

Paul Malkmus CEO
For over 30 years, Hallelujah Diet has been at the forefront of the healthful-living movement, providing recipes, expert wellness information, and lifestyle solutions to those choosing to take control of their health.

When my father, Rev. George Malkmus, began the diet in 1992, he and my mother simply wanted to spread the word about the healing benefits of a clean food, plant-based lifestyle. They were committed to helping as many people as they could find the vibrant health and wellness that they felt everyone deserved.

But the message spread far and wide and today, I am so very, very proud to now be at the helm of this ship, as I continue their work, along with my wife and partner, Ann. Our lives are so dependent on how we treat the marvelous gifts that are our bodies. And so we are dedicated to providing the guidance, support and community that can enable anyone to thrive from this simple but profound change in diet, habits and outlook.

I hope that you will find support, inspiration and most of all the best health of your life here.

The Hallelujah Diet is all about eating well, getting healthy and living your best life. As we embark on a new brand renaissance, we are committed to providing the innovation, education, support, and best-in-class products and services that consumers turn to first for the #1 proven, plant-based diet.

Love The Self Healing Body

Vision and Commitment of the Hallelujah Diet™

Our bodies are miraculous creations. They steadfastly allow us to live wonderful lives full of love, light and adventure. But sometimes they get sick. And sometimes we are the ones who make them that way. Over the years as our lives have become more and more busy, our attentions are divided and distracted, and we become lazy about how we treat ourselves.

The Hallelujah Diet was created for just this reason. To help our bodies remember what they are capable of and how to return to a natural state of health and vibrancy. By returning to eating the way nature intended with raw, living foods, pure natural juices and cleansing waters, we support our self-healing bodies and give them the power to thrive.

But this isn’t a boring diet filled with “diet” foods. It’s a delicious and satisfying menu of foods you’ll soon be craving. The Hallelujah Diet System is chock full of tasty recipes that will help you create the kind of meals your family won’t think of as just cut up veggies or salads. How about Zuchinni Pasta Putanesca, Portabello BLT Sandwich, or Curried Butternut Squash Soup? Would you care for some Banana Pear Walnut Delight, Mini Carrot Cakes or Cinnamon Blueberry Tort? These are just a few of the treats you can create on the Hallelujah Diet.

Through years of scientific research the Hallelujah Diet has been proven to rejuvenate the immune system as well as combat nutritional deficiency and toxicity simultaneously. This way of eating can also promote weight loss, increase energy levels, stabilize blood sugars and even has anti-aging benefits.

But what we really mean is that you’ll eat delicious foods, feel better, live longer and feel energized.

So join us for this adventure won’t you? It’s a lifestyle that will provide benefits for years to come and you might just fall in love with food all over again.

— Paul Malkmus, CEO, Hallelujah Diet