Message From Chief of Education

Ann Malkmus Chief of EducationEducation has been the cornerstone for the Hallelujah Diet since its inception over 20 years ago. Back then, there were no plant based recipe books, no highly promoted science that proved that mom was right when she said you should eat your vegetables, and no one understood why this gentleman (Reverend Malkmus) was so impassioned in his plea to be heard.

Fast forward to today where there are now elegant raw food restaurants, the China Study and literally hundreds of “raw foodists” and even medical doctors who all are preaching the “good news” of eating more vegetables.

We at the Hallelujah Diet are unique because first, we really were the “first”, when it came to identifying through science, the value of the veggie; we were also the first to recommend distilled water, not for fasts, but for purity and detoxification. We were one of the pioneers in recommending the virtues of freshly extracted vegetable juices. What else were we the first in? After studying those on a plant-based diet, we realized that they need supplementation of the vitamin B12. Why? Not because of what you think. Rather, we learned early on the entire population is too clean—they don’t eat enough dirt! We wash our hands; we wash our fruits and vegetables so much that we no longer can enjoy the wonderful bacterial that produces B12. So, not only are plant-based eaters deficient in B12, but more than likely, the rest of the country is as well. We also were the first to identify the importance of vitamin D3. Years before it became the new “hot” vitamin, our studies proved the value of it in bone health, neurological health, immune health and so on.

All these years we have placed much emphasis on continuing to educate ourselves and you, our customers with the most recent findings in nutrition, exercise, stress management, pure water, and every other health related issue.

We have developed helpful videos, books, blogs, classes, magazines, seminars and a host of ancillary items that educate on the practicalities of living a plant-based diet; the benefits of eating living food, and so many more facets to encourage, support and inspire the one who must live in this “fast food” world where it is too easy to succumb to the pressures of the nearest restaurant.

Our support and training will carry you through from the first time you create a “green smoothie” to the time when you become a “gourmet” raw food chef producing the most delicious cheesecakes and tiramisu from macadamia nuts. Even if you never get to that level, feel comforted knowing that we will stay beside you and continue to reach out to you and thank you for trusting us to be your “eyes” and “ears” as together we continue on in this journey toward vibrant health.

— Ann Malkmus, 
Chief of Education