What Is A Lifestyle Center

What is a Lifestyle Center?

An educational retreat.

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Lifestyle Center Locations

Several Distinctive Locations

Beautiful homes,
scenic environments…

You may want to visit each one.

Lifestyle Center Programs


Experience an all-inclusive retreat with organic food, fresh air, fitness and fun!

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The Hallelujah Diet Lifestyle Centers are set in some of the most beautiful areas of the United States. Each location offers gracious hosts, a warm welcome and the promise of better health.

Guests at the Hallelujah Diet Lifestyle Centers enjoy daily fitness lessons and nutrition classes, with part of the focus on helping them manage stress, and balance work and family responsibilities with a new plan for a healthy lifestyle. The goal is not dramatic and immediate weight loss, but rather to teach guests the tools to achieve improved health and weight management after their visit to the center is over. Guests are encouraged to develop a new relationship with food, and the retreat offers workshops and classes on how to set up a kitchen, as well as practical ways of adopting a healthy eating lifestyle. Several classes are devoted to creating delicious, nutritious recipes.

The goal of each center is to help you make a long-lasting commitment to healthy living. Choose from a 5 or 10 day program that will teach you how simple changes can keep you from ingesting dangerous toxins each day, the importance of rest, exercise, stress management, and spiritual nourishment.

A typical day may include a rebounding class, a workshop on the five killer foods, a healthy recipe demo, a long walk outdoors, a juicing class, a weight-loss workshop, and stress and rest breaks.

The environment is as much about nourishing your spirit as it is about nourishing your body. The calm, peaceful surroundings will lull you into the realization that this retreat came at the perfect time in your life. It will detox your body and de-stress your mind!