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The best thing that has happened as a result of making the diet change is that my cancer is gone!

The best thing that has happened as a result of making the diet change is that my cancer is gone! My daughter is also on the diet with me and my husband is 50% on board. God bless you Rev. Malkmus. We love you.

Submitted By: J. W. of Hendersonville, TN
I praise the Lord for healing me and using a christian sister to introduce me to the Hallelujah diet through the Back To the Garden Newsletter

I also got rid of constant gas, leg jitters at night, heart palpitations, three headaches a week and thirty extra pounds. I am also growing closer to the Lord!

Submitted By: Virginia R.
has had relief from bursitis, leg cramps, aching feet and joints, and tendency to get pneumonia,

My husband joined me on the diet soon after I started and has had relief from bursitis, leg cramps, aching feet and joints, and tendency to get pneumonia, all things he had previously attributed to aging but now knows where diet related. We are previously both in our late 40's and feel better than we have in many years. In fact, he jumped over a 6 foot stile the other day, landed on both feet, and felt no pain. Said he felt better than he did in his twenties!

Submitted By: Sharon M.
Thank you for getting the word out and thanks to my wife Cathy for never giving up when I would have!

That was 15 months ago and there has been no recurrence of the supposed 'incurable' ulcerative colitis disease. I have also noticed other improvements since making the diet change & fifty unwanted pounds of fat 'gone'; daily pain in my head and legs 'gone'; snoring 'gone'; medications, including arthritis medication, also now 'gone!' I have a better overall feeling of wellness and feel like a completely new person.

Submitted By: Darwin S.

My mother, who is in her 70's and had been on medication for diabetes for 30 years, was taken off the medication by her physician after adding carrot juice and Barley Max to her diet and reducing her meat intake. Thank you so much for being faithful to present the message of the good news about nutrition's benefits to our marvelous, self-healing, Creator-designed bodies.

Submitted By: Sharon M.
I have been on your diet for 5 weeks and am really cleansing the temple out and I am so excited I just had to tell somebody.

Last, but not least, I personally was taken off Synthroid just eight months after going on the Hallelujah Diet, even though I was not even strictly on the diet for the first four of those eight months. Hallelujah! God bless you all at Hallelujah Diet for your obedience to what God has called you to do.

Submitted By: Walter H. of New Brunswick, Canada

I have been learning so much from the Hallelujah Diet 'Get Healthy Stay Balanced' program that I have been working on. Great stuff! I am looking so forward to coming to your 58th Health Minister training in November, so that I will be better able to help others realize that they don't have to be sick!

Submitted By: Rayann M. of Beaver Falls, PA
It has now been over two years since she made the diet change and she has been in Bible College since September of 2000.

My favorite verse of scripture is Hebrews 12:1 . . . the 'cloud of witnesses' being all those who embrace this lifestyle of putting God first and all of us encouraging each other to continue, by leaving behind the 'sin' of putting harmful things into our body, and running the race with endurance. That endurance becomes such a joy as making the right food choices becomes exciting and fun, because you feel so good!

Submitted By: Layne Martorelli of Florida

My wife said to me: 'Well, sometimes the Lord has to kick us in the seat of the pants to get our attention!' She is glad that the message finally got through to me, but, more than that, and after all this time, I feel like a new man about to embark on an exciting adventure, where life begins at where we are! (And I am in my late sixties.)

Submitted By: James Myron H. of Geroge Wythe College, Ut
Praise the Lord! We are now health ministers and tell everyone we can about the diet -- we know it works!!!

I wore a leg brace, was off work for seven months, in pain management therapy and water aerobics. After 3 months when partially on the diet, my medications were reduced to 7; and after 3 more months when on the diet 100%, I was off all medications (including the ones I had been on for 15 years).

Submitted By: Don B.