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Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! The doctor cut my prescription (Hydrea) dosage in half for the leukemia! She wanted to cut it more but decided to wait until my next blood test in two weeks to be sure this isn't just a fluke! Hallelujah!!

Submitted By: Anonymous

My Heart is now functioning well and my asthma is completely gone - gone also is my arthritis, gout, carpel tunnel, acid reflux, depression, and even the tarter on my teeth. These were all problems I was experiencing prior to making the diet change. I praise God for George Malkmus and The Hallelujah Diet!

Submitted By: Shirley of Mooresville, NC
Also, in just two weeks I have been able to cut my insulin by two-thirds

Also, in just two weeks I have been able to cut my insulin by two-thirds, and my sugar count is now running normal most of the time. After fifty years in the food business I have finally found out how to eat! Thank you so much for your persistence in getting out the message. I would like very much to be able to help you get the message out as a Health Minister

Submitted By: Anonymous
after just one week on the juice and vegetable diet I feel better than I have in years

Oh yes, I am taking dehydrated barley juice powder too. Thank you for sharing this information with so many people.

Submitted By: Anonymous
I think it is fabulous that the Hallelujah Diet will help the body heal itself at any age!

Thank you so much for your Health Tips and your ministry. I am really looking forward to the next issue of 'Back to the Garden' and hearing more about Hallelujah Babies. I will be joining you for at least a one-day juice fast.

Submitted By: Anonymous
My bone density in in the range of a 20-40 year old male. I, along with thousands of others, thank God for the health ministry of brother Malkmus.

I am totally off all dairy and animal products. However, I've found the cost of soy milk too expensive to buy very much of. For anyone interested, I found a soymilk maker on the internet that will make a gallon of soymilk for less than fifty cents (SOYAJOY).

Submitted By: Alvin L.
I can't stop thanking you for keeping me posted with your weekly Health Tips and your great magazine Back to the Garden, that's looking better and better with each issue.

By the way, this month marks my 50th year since I graduated from Nursing School. I loved my 43 years of hospital nursing, but what a privilege to wake up every morning to do God's will all day long in the office and in the services. I've never been happier or more fulfilled. I expect to continue visiting the prisoners until Jesus comes! And with God's Holy Word, give these prisoners a chance to start a new life in Christ.

Submitted By: Marilyn Kranz

Cindy recovered from stomach pain and poor digestion in two months. The other women in our church are taking note of what God's Diet has done. Praise God.

Submitted By: Anonymous

After ten years of being insulin dependent for diabetes I no longer needed insulin medicine! But the best news of all was that my doctor told me that I no longer had need to go on the kidney dialysis machine! Hallelujah! The Hallelujah Diet had saved my life and given me back my life!

Submitted By: Joan of Lady Lake, FL
First I cut out meats and immediately started having normal bowel movements every day for the first time in my life!

My acne simply cleared up and people started telling me I had a 'healthy glow.' I now have energy to ride my bike, walk, work out with weights and ride my horse in endurance rides - endurance rides are trail rides of 50 miles or more in one day. Did I tell you that I also have a full-time job. This is just a sample of what the Hallelujah Diet has done for me.

Submitted By: Anonymous