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because the cancer had stopped growing.

At her next scan, after being on The Hallelujah Diet for only about 4-months, doctors asked her what she had done, because the cancer had stopped growing. She told the doctors about The Hallelujah Diet and the doctors told her that the diet was apparently working and to 'keep it up.' She had also been on heart medication and blood pressure medication before going on The Hallelujah Diet, but after only two weeks on the diet, the doctor took her off all medications. It is now 3-years later, mother is 74-years- old, has lost a total of 90 pounds since making the diet change, and has lots of energy and feels great!

Submitted By: Joseph and Cynthia O.

By October 2000 I noticed that a pre-cancerous lesion under my right eye, that had been there for many years was 90% gone, and today I can barely find it. By December 2000 the egg sized cyst on my back could not be found.

Submitted By: Carla Curry of Palm Bay, FL

I am praying in the near future to start a home support group soon. Thank you again Dr. George and Rhonda Malkmus for your dedication to teaching God's plan for a life worth living, disease free.

Submitted By: Carla E C.
We have had two couples join us at home for Hallelujah meals.

Both were very interested in the diet and our progress. We are meeting with our pastor this Friday to introduce him to the Hallelujah program prior to taking it into our church. There are lots of sick people who need to hear this message. It was an honor to meet you and Rhonda. Judy and I want to compliment your staff in particular for carrying on the Health Ministers training in an outstanding manner in your absence. We are so grateful to hear of your rapid recovery. God is not through with His faithful servant, George Malkmus, yet! Hallelujah!

Submitted By: Richard Webber of Kentucky
We love you, Rev. Malkmus! Just wanted to let you know how much of a blessing you are!

I am now doing the 'Get Healthy' course in preparation for Health Minister Training. Can't wait to meet you! In just one and a half months, my BP has dropped from 140/90 to 100/65 and I have lost 13 pounds!

Submitted By: Pat M. of Mays Landing, NJ
In October 1999 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Two weeks later I bought a juicer and went on the Hallelujah Diet. Now for the good news. In October my PSA was 9.3. By February 2000 it had dropped to 7.2 and by May it was down to 6.9. The doctor is absolutely amazed. A few side benefits are that my cholesterol has dropped from 250 to 180, I have lost forty pounds in weight, and I feel great. I thank the Lord that he led me to your Web site.

Submitted By: Anonymous
I went on The Hallelujah Diet to support my wife.

As a result of our personal experiences on the Hallelujah Diet and what we learn at Health Ministry training, we believe that we can help others through their trying times. We want to minister to others in their need, as Health Minister Caroline Moore ministered to us in our need.

Submitted By: Harold of Winter Park, FL
He threw all of his medications in the trash can, and began researching, reading, and trying to figure out how to be healthier.

Wendell started on a 6 week detox. He threw all of his medications in the trash can, and began researching, reading, and trying to figure out how to be healthier. This was in March 2005. A few days later a Health Minister called our oldest daughter's Hair Salon (we feel she was sent by God) and several days later she came to our home to talk with us and that is how we found out about the Hallelujah Diet. The first book she suggested to read was "Why Christians Get Sick?" and then we signed up for the 9 week class taught in her home. All 7 of us went! She was very surprised to see a whole family come to her class and to be so serious about this. But after what we had been through, we were soaking up all the information we could. It just so happened that the Health Minister Training was the very next week after finishing the 9 week workshop, so we signed up for that and made the 14 hour trip to North Carolina to learn more. It was a great trip and we cannot wait to see how God is going to use us in this ministry!

Submitted By: Darlene and Wendell W.

"I can do all things thru Christ which strengthens me." I plan on moving to the south this fall as I have had enough of snow and ice that lasts seven or more months each winter. May the Lord bless you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the good works that you've all done and continue to do.

Submitted By: Laurie M.

But most of the credit goes to a 5' 2 smiling angel from the rugged mountains of Norway, my beloved wife who persisted in trying to get me to change my diet. Who in your life is trying to convince you of a great truth about health? Do you listen? Or will your heart need to shake a little first.

Submitted By: Dr. Dan E. Chesnut, M.D