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Your Prayers Are Needed!

In this mailbag section I share two letters. One letter will inspire you, as it comes from a man who shares his experience with pancreatic cancer.

In his testimony, Lauren tells how the doctor’s had given him only 10 months to live, but then goes on to tell how after adopting the Hallelujah Diet, he was able to restore his health.

The other letter is from Mark, whose physical problems and circumstances are almost beyond belief. Mark needs our prayers.  

This first testimony comes from Lauren who lives in Williamsport, Maryland:

“In October 2004, my doctor told me I had pancreatic cancer, and that I had only 10 months to live. Following the diagnosis, doctors put me through three months of chemotherapy and radiation that almost killed me.

“Then I heard about the Hallelujah Diet, which I started on during the last week of January 2005. Within one week of making the diet change, I was off all medications, and have not taken any medications since, and each CAT scan and blood test (CA 19-9) taken since January 2005 has shown the tumor reducing in size. In fact, the blood marker which stood at 382 in October 2004 was down to 24 (which is in the normal range) within eight months of adopting the Hallelujah Diet, and the doctor told me that there was no longer any evidence of cancer showing in my bloodtest. I am 68 years old. I thank God for His healing power and for the Ministry of Hallelujah Acres that guided me in the right direction.”

Contrast the above testimony with the one that follows. The below testimony was sent me by Mark, and if you think you have it rough, contrast your situation with Mark’s:

“Dr. Malkmus, I read your Health Tips. About 6 years ago, I went on the Hallelujah Diet, did very well, and lost 54 pounds.

“But gradually I slipped back into eating the SAD diet, and all my lost weight came back.

“Currently, I am taking Tricor and Zetia for high cholesterol (310), and high triglycerides (1410), along with Paxil for depression. In addition, I take Metformin for diabetes, Lavothyroxine for a bad thyroid, Lisinopril for high blood pressure, Clonazepam for stress, and Tramadol for pain in my back, ankle, knee and head.

“How old am I – 78? No, I just turned 48!

“In addition to my own physical problems, I take care of my 82-year-old dad who has lung cancer and Alzheimer’s, and my mother who had a paralyzing stroke 12 years ago. My wife had cancer on her spinal cord, she is still alive, but in constant pain. My sister hates me because she just always has. So I have a lot on my plate.

“Oh yes, I work 2 jobs, 7 days a week, until recently, when I had to stop. I have been addicted to Coca-Cola for a long time. I would like to get back on the Hallelujah Diet, but life and finances are hard. I need a lot of prayer! Bye for now.”


  1. olubunmi olaleye May 7, 2015

    these are quite interesting!

  2. Jeanne May 11, 2015

    Lord God, we pray for Mike. Only You can work in his heart and mind to make the changes that he needs. Speak to him, and guide him. Do a miracle in his life that will not only change his life but the lives of his family. Be glorified in this seemingly impossible situation and show Mike how much You love and care about him. Amen

  3. Very interesting. The second man’s story is very sad. He has my prayers.

  4. Mark,
    Please don’t give up ! The solution is keeping positive in a negative situation. You can do this and you will if you let yourself develop character to take on this challenge. I will if you do. One step at a time is all you have to take.
    may God bless.

  5. theresa June 1, 2015

    Mark, your whole family needs to be on the Hallelujah Diet. No exceptions, then things will change for you. You make the meals. God bless you!

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