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Wide Reactions from “Hormone” Article

Several weeks ago I shared a message titled “What Causes Large Breasts, Big Kids, and Homosexuality?” which drew a lot of feedback:

“Thank you George for an excellent article and your no-nonsense facts on homosexuality . . . . God bless you and thank you again for exposing the truth.”
~ Shirley

“This article serves to enlighten us further regarding our children and what could be a very strong contributing factor in homosexuality.”
~ Carley

“Regarding homosexuality – Look up the Pottinger’s cats study if you aren’t familiar with the research. It came to some amazing conclusions. Homosexuality among the cats is one of the things he saw after a few generations of eating processed food. How many generations are we into now with our progeny living off of fake food? Something serious to think about! And convicting!”
~ Kathy

“Thank you for sticking your neck out. Humanity has been in rebellion against God since the fall. There are consequences to sin and it seems to me that what we eat has had the greatest impact on our health, families, and our culture. . . . . Genes can be turned on and off depending on what we eat. We need to go back to God’s garden. His design has always been best for everyone. Dr. Malkmus, thank you for your years of inspiration and love. We appreciate all you and Rhonda have done. May God continue to bless both of you.”
~ Health Minister Dale W., Melrose, Florida

“Wow! Excellent addition with an encouragement for healthy balance – a focus on our Creator and what He has decreed, and a caution in not idolizing what He has not created. An awareness of our responsibility to take good care of our bodies as His temple, a realization of what we (humankind) have done to ‘change’ His perfect creation, and an encouragement to provide the purest form of food that He created for our temples as possible. Well said!”
~ Judy

“I am sorry but I disagree with your opinion of homosexuality. There are several things and causes that can occur in homosexual tendencies – maybe hormonal, maybe emotional and psychological. Don’t judge if you don’t want to be judged. Some of us are lucky we don’t have these tendencies.”
~ Cpmy

“Hi George, I was interested in some of your comments about the chicken. I raise the breed of chicken you are most likely talking about. They are called Cornish Crosses and are ready for slaughter at five or six weeks. They mature early because they are the product of being bred specifically to do so, to reach market weight early, so the farmer doesn’t have to shell out as much on feed for as long and makes a better profit. On farms where the chickens are housed in confinement sheds, they are quite literally elbow to elbow with their neighbors and are breathing and eating their own excrement a lot, as well as being fed unnatural diets for a chicken and meds to cope with the problems created by that unnatural environment. They do indeed become so heavy that they fall over as well as developing joint, heart and lung problems caused by their rapid growth rate and as a result, suffering heart attacks. Some folks who raise these chickens report that these chickens don’t know how to act like chickens and won’t scratch in the dirt looking for greens and grubs like a normal chicken would do…

I would definitely agree that the hormones added to our food supply as well as all the vitamins pumped into the animals and processed foods to make them ‘healthier’ are behind the freakishly large breast development. What’s really sad and scary is young girls of nine years of age developing so early that at ten or eleven they are built like girls much older. This sort of thing may appeal to bestial men but for a young girl who is still really a child, suddenly being ogled and subjected to adult attention from lustful males is quite frightening and they are not emotionally or spiritually equipped to handle such a heavily frightening interest or the dangers it could subject them to.

Since our functions are chemically or hormonally powered, anything that tampers with that is frightening. Kind of reminds me of the Matrix, where everyone in it thinks they are living their lives normally and making authentic choices based on reality and chosen thoughts, only to discover they are wired into a web of deception and actually being influenced and controlled in ways they were previously unaware of. Man’s sin of thoughtless profit motive and careless stewardship resulting in chemicals of every sort being dumped into our food supply, oceans and atmosphere is affecting other things as well.

“Whales and dolphins beaching themselves in catastrophic numbers and basically committing suicide, because their migratory apparatus is malfunctioning; the same thing happening with birds of various species, off course from centuries old migratory routes, fish found with toxic compounds in their organs, radiation in our food, pollution in our atmosphere, lead from exhaust on our crops. Odd and even dangerous behavior in animals that is not normal. The only thing stronger than the red flags that our perfectly designed biosphere is breaking down is the greed fueled, exploitive denial that keeps this whole thing going. It is as if all God’s creation is grieving as death promised as a result of sin takes hold in ever increasing amounts. . . . .

I agree with you as far as the adulteration of our food supply goes. Today’s Holstein dairy cow is a freak not found in nature, again breeding tampered with. I personally believe that it is not the meat or dairy per se that is the problem, but rather the way we have made these foods unnatural with our control and interference. Even in my lifespan, the difference in the taste of say, milk and cheese and poultry is quite significant and cannot be wholly accounted for by aging taste buds. It’s definitely not an improvement.”
~ Patricia


  1. Dear George & Rhonda – You both, as the Man & the proverbial Woman-Behind-the-Man, are living proof that the answer to those that doubt the power of just one person (in this case a “dynamic duo” partnership) to change the world—and you both have— is a resounding YES!! You have changed the world for countless thankful people! Much love to our dear heroes!

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