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Where Did You First Hear About Hallelujah Acres?

On Friday, January 18, Hallelujah Acres Facebook page asked, “Where Did You First Hear About Hallelujah Acres”? Nearly 100 people responded to that question with answers like these:

“Rev. Malkmus came and spoke at our ‘Eat for Life’ group in Hickory about 3-1/2 years ago.”
Nancy W.

“A year ago a friend told me about The Hallelujah Diet. He had been doing it on and off since 1998. I had breast cancer at the time and it has really helped me feel better. The diet also eliminated my allergies.”
Jackie S.

“I heard about Hallelujah Acres from my chiropractor five years ago. I had refused chemotherapy and after just six months on The Hallelujah Diet I felt so good I decided to stay on it and I still feel incredible five years later!”
Shirley C.

“We lost my dad and brother to cancer this past year. I started digging and learning about what was causing cancer in our society. It was during this search I found Hallelujah Acres. I have slowly adopted the diet and am learning as I go.”
Tina F.

“In 1996 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. My sister-in-law had been given a video of Dr. Malkmus speaking in Gainesville, Florida. She gave me the video, I watched it, went on The Hallelujah Diet, and I was healed. Praise the Lord!”
Cheryl W.

“I learned about Hallelujah Acres through a naturopathic doctor who is also a Hallelujah Acres Health Minster.”

“I heard about Hallelujah Acres from a friend of a friend on Facebook. On her post to a dear friend, she told how that she was suffering from lung cancer and the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. I messaged her and talked to her by phone and found out that her mother had been healed of cancer on The Hallelujah Diet. I began to explore the benefits of raw foods and juicing and then knew I wanted to help other people. I took Health Minister Training Online this past May and have never looked back.”
Nancy S.

“I learned about Hallelujah Acres when Dr. Malkmus came and spoke at my university while I was in nursing school.”
Anna G.

“I first learned about Hallelujah Acres when Rev. Malkmus appeared on Christian Television Network when George was a guest, sharing his testimony and telling about Hallelujah Acres. Hallelujah! It was so inspiring I immediately threw out all my junk foods and meat but that was just the beginning of a wonderful healthy journey for both me and my daughter.”
Sherese W.

“I came across Rev. Malkmus’ book ‘Why Christians Get Sick’ in a local bookstore over 10 years ago. I adopted the diet and it has been life changing!”
Nancy W.

“I found Dr. Malkmus’ book ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ on a bookshelf at a friend’s home. Borrowed it and started reading. It took me a few weeks to read but on conclusion I threw away my last cup of coffee (half finished) down the sink. That was 11 years ago. I am still living this Hallelujah Lifestyle. Now my husband is reading the book.”
Lyn N.

“I came across Hallelujah Acres while looking up vegan and gluten free recipes and came across Hallelujah Acres on YouTube. That video changed my life forever!”
Teresa C.

“I saw George Malkmus on the 700 Club during the summer of 1997. He was having a 3-day seminar at the 700 Club facility in Virginia that November and my husband and I attended that 3-day seminar.”
Nancy G.

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