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Well Wishes For George’s Last Seminar

This past Saturday, November 1, after almost 23 years of sharing my “How to Eliminate Sickness” and “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminars, I conducted the last of these seminars this past Saturday in Charlotte, North Carolina. Below are some of the letters I received concerning this last seminar:

“Thank you Rev. Malkmus, for all you have done for those of us who needed to learn God’s Ways to vibrant health. I am forever thankful for the time you have spent teaching and pouring yourself into people. It changed my life and the lives of those around me as I shared the information with them. God bless you!”
~ Gail M.

“Tom and I greatly appreciate you and Rhonda for your faithfulness to God’s call on your lives. We have learned from you for almost 14 years now and are so thankful for you. You helped change our lives so we can experience health. Thank you with all our hearts for your energy, great encouragement and message of hope that you have given to so many. Your ministry has been a tremendous blessing to us and so many others. We can’t thank you enough. May God bless you and may the rest of your journey here on earth, which we hope will be for many years to come, be full of life, joy, and great blessings. You will be missed from the Saturday seminars, but thank you so much for always being faithful with them. It has been a great joy to follow all that you have embarked on over these years. Thank you!”
~ Tom & Terri F.

“Hello, Rev. Malkmus and Rhonda, I have loved and followed you since the beginning in 1992 – down in Rogersville, Tennessee where it all began. I hope you are one of my next door neighbors in Heaven! I love you both. Your Christian Brother.”
~ Jerry C. in Colorado

“Such seminars can be so encouraging. But sadly they have been mainly confined to the southeastern part of the country the past few years. Many of us in other areas of the United States have longed for seminars to educate, encourage, and support us as well. Any chance Rev. Malkmus’ son Paul will carry the torch and bring the message live to other areas of the United States Specifically Minnesota?”
~ Julie M. in Minnesota

Response from Hallelujah Acres President and CEO, Paul Malkmus:

“Hi Julie, You are so right – these types of seminars are an encouragement. And, there are many people who need this life saving information. Ann and I are looking for guidance from the Lord on how and what exactly we should do in 2015. We feel a burden and passion to share this message around the country and world but have to ensure we continue to provide leadership at our headquarters here in Gastonia, North Carolina. We covet your prayers as we plan for the coming year that we are in His will and utilizing our skills to the best of their ability.”


  1. I’m reading your emails from south africa, wanted to check where in south africa can i get your food products or supplements?

  2. Nancy Schipske November 10, 2014

    Thank you George for your life-threatening work spreading health and nutrients advice. Have known you since Shelby, NC where we met at oneof your seminars.enjoy your well deserved retirement although I know you will never stop spreading the word about health. God Bless you & Ronda♡

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