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The Vegan Cocker Spaniel

Hallelujah Acres recently celebrated its 21st birthday (February 12). Ever since its beginning in 1992, testimonies have been pouring in from people across America and around the world, telling of the incredible healings they have experienced as a result of adopting God’s original, Genesis 1:29 diet! Tens-of-thousands of them! And I still receive them almost daily… even from pets!

“My name is Vanil. I am an American Cocker Spaniel, and belong to the Top Raw Men family. I was five years old when one of my owners was trained to be a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister. At Health Minister Training, my owner met a veterinarian and asked his professional advice concerning changing my diet to an all raw vegan diet. The veterinarian said I would thrive on this kind of diet with the addition of a raw egg once or twice a week, to keep my coat shiny. My owners took his advice and I have been a “top raw dog” for  five years, half of my 10-year life.

The veterinarian said I would thrive on a vegan diet and thrive I have! I have maintained my ideal weight, not roly-poly like most 10-year-old cockers. Cockers have a propensity for fungal ear infections and my vet says that I have very healthy ears. Most dogs eyes have a condition that causes the coat under their eyes to be stained and caked. I have no such problem. If we could meet, you would quickly notice that I have no body odor or bad breath. My appearance and vitality at ten years of age are those of a puppy. I can run and jump over objects three times my height. I love BarleyMax on my raw vegan diet! Thank you for letting me share what life is like as a top raw BarleyMax dog!”
Vanil, Mesa, Arizona

“Dear Brother Malkmus, Your ministry has been such a blessing and encouragement to me. I first learned about Hallelujah Acres through three sisters I met while on vacation three years ago who told me of the incredible improvements they had experienced in their health on The Hallelujah Diet.

I had been praying and searching for answers to some serious digestive problems for years before meeting those three sisters. I called Hallelujah Acres for more information and purchased your BarleyMax and began implementing The Hallelujah Diet.

Since changing my diet and lifestyle my health has improved greatly as well as my husband’s and son’s health. I am also sharing with my family and friends the benefits of the Hallelujah Acres program. My desire is to complete Health Minister Training. Thank you so much brother and sister Malkmus for your faithful service to God and your brothers and sisters in Christ, and to all who have heeded your message ‘You Don’t Have to be Sick.”
Martha A., Souderton, Pennsylvania

“God continues to richly bless those who have adopted The Hallelujah Diet in our church. Several families in our church have followed through with the diet and healings abound. People are starting to tell others in the community to contact us when they are diagnosed with serious diseases. We were just told tonight about a couple in town who want help where both the husband and wife have been recently diagnosed with cancer.

My weight has dropped from 264 to 208 and my wife’s from 204 to 179. Sticking with the diet is a breeze. There is no other way we’d rather eat. It’s not been a struggle at all.”
Robert W.



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