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The Temple Custodian

Nearly every day I receive letters from across America and around the world from people who are requesting help with their physical or psychological problems, or just writing to share the benefits they have obtained from The Hallelujah Diet. Below are a few of the letters received this past week:

“George, my deepest and profound thanks and gratitude for educating me and the world with regard the diet our Heavenly Father intended us to eat in Genesis 1:29. I am just beginning to replace the harmful items in my diet with healthy choices. I am slowly learning that many of the sicknesses I struggled with for so many years were related to my disobedience to the Word of God and my negative thinking. How refreshing that you would speak, teach and educate about the discipline of our Father’s Word for our good.

I used to ask other Christians ‘why doesn’t God answer our prayers for healing’. Now the Holy Spirit has taught me so much from your ministry and I am now on the right track. I have attended a two-day seminar by a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister and in the near future plan to take your Health Minister Training and become a Health Minister so that I can be a part of the healthy change that is coming to the body of Christ. In fact, God has given me a new email address for this new ministry God is calling me to: ‘templecustodian@…..’. I am so glad Jesus never gave up on me and look forward to the day when I am healthy and whole. God bless you, Brother George!”
Heather W.

“Hello George and Rhonda; I had been a vegetarian for over 20 years, but still ate fish and eggs as well as soy and drank wine. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 1989, shortly after my brother had colon cancer. I was told I would have to have part of my colon removed but in spite of flare-ups through the years I have managed to evade surgery as well as colon cancer even though my diet has not always been what I consider healthy. I work out every morning and avoid sugar, but the fear of cancer is always in the back of my mind.

I attended your ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ seminar in Jacksonville, Florida in December 2012 and bought some BarleyMax which I love, and have not had animal products or soy since. My New Year’s resolution includes giving up wine and I have ordered a juicer. I was so inspired and personally touched by your talk that I believe I was led to you by God. I am coming to your seminar again in February in Orlando with a friend and can’t wait. Thank you so much for all that you and Rhonda are doing to improve the health of God’s people.”
Liz J., Florida

“Dear Rev. Malkmus; Twelve years ago I had cancer, received chemotherapy and radiation, and have had problems ever since. I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for over two years and now am full of energy and attribute it to BarleyMax and The Hallelujah Diet. At nearly 80 years of age I am now able to take care of all the flower gardens at my church, do all the planting and watering. I am going to the Hallelujah Acres Plant City Lifestyle Center with my daughter in April. I believe God has led me to Hallelujah Acres and the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle to complete my healing.”
Anne E., Florida

“Dear George; I lost my beloved childhood sweetheart husband at age 58 fourteen months ago to stage 4 metastasized pancreatic cancer. He lived for only 61 days after diagnosis as the cancer had devoured his body. I want to live and be healthy in my husband’s honor, and that is why I am turning to Hallelujah Acres.”
~ Stephaney T., Illinois

“I first learned about you in 1996 when I tried to follow your diet, but received no support from my family. I even purchased a distiller, juicer and rebounder from Hallelujah Acres. I am now 74 years old. I lost my husband of 47 years to lung cancer in 2002 and remarried in 2005. I so want to change my diet and submit my body to God as a ‘living sacrifice’ (Romans 12:1).

My current husband has restless leg syndrome, neuropathy and squamous cell carcinoma on his face. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 months after my late husband died of lung cancer. I gave it totally to God, did none of the modalities and in 2006 no trace of cancer could be found. God is so good, as you are a witness.

I have moved to Longview, Texas and see so many people who are sick and obese and need help. I have felt for years that I am to be teaching others how to recover their health but need to improve my own health first. So I have started today by reading the books you have written and making the changes needed to restore my health so that I can be a help to others. Thank you George for staying the course these many years!” Janelle B., Longview, Texas


  1. Beverly Lincoln February 6, 2013

    My husband has type 2 diabeties,he takes pills and i insulin shot at bedtime, How can he do the diet, with the juicing and all he would have to do..I have the barley max and juicer .Would he be able to do your diet? Thank you so much.Beverly Lincoln

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