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The Message of Truth!

A great BIG THANK YOU to all that write in to tell how they appreciate the information shared in my weekly Health Tips. Here are a few recent letters:

“I pray for your ministry. Fantastic articles! I love what you do and do follow your ministry. Love your products too! Keep up the research. Our world needs you! Thank you!”
~ Melinda

Praise God for this message of truth! Now individuals could prove that the God of the bible is the living God who created all things in this universe and sustains all things by the word of his power and therefore he is wiser than all the wisdom of men!”
~ Margaret

“We thank the good Lord for preserving your life and making it a testimony for all of us to study it and advise ourselves. You will live to be a hundred, by His grace.”
~ Reindorf

“Happy Birthday Rev. Malkmus. I want to thank you for sharing your testimony. I am struggling, really struggling. I have just found out I have hypothyroid, Lyme Disease (I’ve never been bit by a tick) and a lot of radiation, heavy metal poisoning and very weak adrenals. I was told to eat a lot of meat and fish. I’m also on 10 different supplements. Now, I am having an issue with major fingers, calves and feet swelling. Something is going on. I have let it consume me the past 2 1/2 weeks. I am exhausted, by 10 am everyday I am so exhausted, not good when you have to work 8 hours a day I have lost so much weight and I am very weak. Last night at church the Lord spoke to me, I need to become my own doctor! Then I received this email, coincidence, I think not :). I know my body, I need more vegetables and I was told by an herbalist/natural practitioner that my body does not digest any form of animal protein.”
~ Barbara

“Your timing was perfect sending this email, a divine appointment I would say! I want to live to be 81 and have as much pep in my step as you do. I start my exercise essentials today. Pray for me if you think of it. Thankful for your family, (Ms. Rhonda, Paul and Ann) Love y’all,”
~ Barbara

“Beautiful article, I believe in it completely! I too am a vegetarian.”
~ Glenda

“Happy Birthday, George Malkmus! Thanks for all you have taught us over the years! We thank God for you and Rhonda! Thanks for caring for other’s Spiritual growth and helping them to stay healthy by following God’s plan for good health by exercising and putting the right fuel in our bodies. God’s blessings on you both as you continue to reach out to others with your knowledge in the book you wrote, “Why Christians Get Sick”! We will continue to pray for you and your desire to help others that are searching for good advice as we all need to hear from someone that has been involved in this special ministry for so many years! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU!!!”
~ Jean & Larry

“Happy Birthday! And thank you so much for the article. I have been struggling with the issue of health insurance, since my husband no longer works for a large corporation that provided it. I am a follower of the Hallelujah lifestyle and have been for the past 20 years or so. Never been sick! Have not been to a doctor in 20 years except for a chiropractor for an injury sustained 30 years ago. My husband also reversed heart disease after becoming a patient of Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I searched yesterday for an accident insurance policy. You cannot get one unless you have regular insurance. My husband is worried if I would need hospitalization if I fell or something. However I have no intention of even going to a hospital if something happened. With that said, does anyone know of a way that I can have something so that my husband would feel better? Reverend Malkmus can you give a suggestion?”
~ Julie

Rev. Malkmus Responds: I don’t know that one can find a suitable accident policy and with Obama Care dictating what we have to have, affordable options have become scarce. Two we are familiar with are:

Samaritan Ministries – This option qualifies under Obama Care as “insurance” and is simply a co-op of believers who pay (very low) premiums ($405/mo for a family) to help with each others medical bills by mailing their premium check to another member who has a medical bill to pay; medical needs are shared in a monthly newsletter and members are instructed to whom to send their check. The most you will ever pay for a deductible is around $300.

Christian Care MediShare – This option also qualifies under Obama Care as “insurance” but is more like traditional health care insurance. Premiums are paid into a special MediShare-managed pool of funds from which medical needs are paid. This option is even more affordable than Samaritan Ministries (less than $200/mo for a family), but involves high deductibles upwards of $10,000.

“Great message for me and the entire good people from Africa. Rev Malkmus is a living witness and has demonstrated it is possible that we can decide to become our own doctor. Papaa, I appreciate your writing. Thanks a million for training me as a Health Minister.”
~ Health Minister Mike O., Nigeria

“Thank you again Rev. Malkmus for your vision long, long ago. I pray that you had a wonderful birthday. Even though you’ve reached many with God’s health message, the multitudes are still out there with blinders on their eyes and ears. The confusion is amazing & sad.”
~ Janet


  1. Will the Hallelujah Diet cure Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease?

    • Christy Okon March 3, 2015

      The Hallelujah Diet does not cure or treat anything! The body is self-healing with most issues when we eat God’s way, and when we detoxify the body and supply the resources it needs to carry out self-healing. The Hallelujah Diet is the best way we know to supply those conditions that are conducive to healing. Often Dementia and Alzheimer’s are related to decades of poor dietary choices and exposure to heavy metals and toxins. With these issues, it is often important to determine if there are issues with heavy metals that need addressing in addition to the diet.

      • Melanie Wright March 25, 2015

        Christy, What is recommended for issues with heavy metals? Does the HD diet and your supplements help take care of getting rid of these, or do you recommend some kind of chelation?


        • Christy Okon March 25, 2015

          Melanie, I recommend starting the 7 day detox ( and trying Cilantro/Chlorella tincture and LVR. Heavy metal toxicity can come from a number of things including mercury fillings, vaccinations, and other shots. The use of the tinctures would be for longer periods of time as it will take much longer to detoxify heavy metals than just 7 days, but the 7 days will be great for jump starting a longer heavy metal detox.

          • Melanie Wright March 25, 2015

            Thank you. What is LVR? I’m guessing I will need to purchase the tincture from a health food store, or do you sell that?


          • Christy Okon March 26, 2015

            LVR is a liver cleanse based on milk thistle seed extract (silymarin), curcumin, artichoke extract, N-acetyl cysteine, alpha lipoic acid, and luteolin. All of these phytonutrients have been independently studied for their beneficial effects on liver health. I don’t know of research on this exact formula, but the blend of herbal extracts and nutrients looks to be a winner. It definitely supports liver cleansing and protects the liver from insults.

            You can find LVR here:

            You are correct about the tincture.

  2. Teresa A. March 2, 2015

    Your weekly health tips have been inspiring me to live a healthier life style for several years now. Because of the information that you make available I have given up meats, soft drinks and sweets. My weakness is finding time to juice and I should be eating more vegetables. I do not eat fast food or processed foods thanks to the information that you and the team make available. Please keep up the good work and I appreciate all that you do. My life has been influenced in a huge way by Hallelujah Acres and your testimony. You’re awesome!

    • I’ve been juicing as well..but there’s a lot in the news about the machines that pulverize your good into smoothie like drinks that are more nutritious because all the fiber is left in leaving you feeling fuller longer..I think I’ll take this for a test run

      • Christy Okon March 2, 2015

        Juicing is great because when the fiber is removed, your body does not have to digest it, and it puts the nutrition at a cellular level. You lose a percentage of nutrition through the digestion.

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