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The Foundation of Truth



I can’t help but give God all the glory for the incredible self-healing physical body He has provided each of us! And when I receive a letter like the first letter below, I know that I am not alone:


“Dear Rev. Malkmus, Thank you so much for being a consistent and Christian based Health Ministry for all these years. In a quest to learn about plant-based eating I have read many different books. Not all are Christian based, and they often drift over into a sort of New Age outlook or ‘spooky’ spirituality as I like to call it. Whatever it is, it does not witness to my heart. I always look to Hallelujah Acres for the ‘truth’, understanding, and encouragement. I believe it exists at Hallelujah Acres because it’s founder George Malkmus, can truly identify with others often in need to regain their health in this holistic way through God’s Original Design for what we should eat, and through his God honoring messages. Thank you for standing on this sure foundation, and because of that, what you are building just seems to get better and better. I wish you Rev. Malkmus and all those at Hallelujah Acres every good thing in the future. Again, ‘THANK YOU’!”
Sheryl A.

Editor’s Note: This issue of the Hallelujah Health Tip is consecutive issue #777. Biblically, the number “7” has significance. To the Bible scholar “7” is the number of “COMPLETENESS”! Six is the number of man. Man was created on the 6th day (See Genesis 1:31) and God “rested” on the 7th day (See Genesis 2:1-3), signifying the “completion” of God’s creation.

In the book of Revelation we read of 7 churches having 7 stars and 7 lampstands which symbolize those churches, which gives us the number 777. (See Revelation 1:17-20) The number 7 is God’s number and considered the “divine” number.

If there is a finite number that God would choose to reveal His triune nature, 777 would be it. Satan is not, nor can he ever be a 7. Satan is an imposter, a 6 (man’s number) — one LESS than 7.

The numbers 777 represents the Holy Trinity – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The numbers 666 reveal the Unholy Trinity of Satan (the anti-Father), the Beast (the anti-Christ), and the False Prophet (the anti-Holy Spirit).

Notice the prefix ‘anti-‘. It doesn’t just mean ‘against’, it also means ‘instead of’. The 7-year reign of anti-Christ (see Daniel 9:27) are those mystery years that immediately precede the glorious appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Looking for that blessed hope, and glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.” (Titus 2:13)

“Before I adopted The Hallelujah Diet about nine years ago I had very unhealthy eating habits. As a result of these unhealthy eating habits I was so exhausted, could hardly get out of bed in the morning, and I had been having headaches and sore throats constantly for years. Today, because of this simple diet change I have a healthy body and live a healthy lifestyle, and people are amazed that at my age of 47 I don’t ever get sick anymore. I am so thankful! Now, because of my healing experience on The Hallelujah Diet, I want to help others improve their health. The Hallelujah Acres program is a wonderful and doable program for reaching the masses that are sick and dying needlessly.”
Pamela D., Nokomis, Florida

 “I began The Hallelujah Diet in order to encourage my husband. He was dying and the doctors were offering him no hope, so together we made the journey into biblical nutrition in a last ditch effort to save his life. Well, as a result of the diet change, not only did my husband see significant improvement in his health, but my health also improved significantly. In the past six months since making the diet change, in addition to the diet saving my husband’s life, my arthritis is gone, my severe heartburn and acid reflux is gone, my nose-bleeds have stopped; my skin is no longer dry, I have experienced a weight loss of 45 pounds, and my dress size has dropped from a size 14 to a size 4. Hallelujah!”
Virginia G., Pine Island, Minnesota


  1. Charienna October 21, 2012

    Hello Reverend Malkmus, I really appreciate the newsletter you put out every week. I share it as much as possible with those I come in contact with. I really support you in your laborious work of love in sharing the truth of health with everyone. Because I know you are a sincere lover of the truth and I trust you would never want to diseminate false information to people, I am burdened to share something with you. I read in other articles where you teach/uplift the Trinity doctrine and I have let it pass by. But I now feel more of a burden to share in a nutshell what I have learned on it. It is a doctrine that cannot be supported or found in the Bible. I am not a bible scholar or expert in the bible, I don’t have any religious degrees to show for. But as a simple minded person, I have studied it myself and it cannot be found. Here is the simple and lovely truth I have gleaned from my study of this subject: There is one God (Elohim) – the Father (LORD/Yahuwah), AND one Lord/Master – the Son of God – Jesus (Yahushua). The Spirit that we are given is none other than their own Spirit, shared by the Father and Son – One Spirit. Not another entity/mind/God, but their own omnipresence – their own Spirit. It is their Holy Spirit for no other spirit is Holy but theirs. We as humans have a spirit (and surely not holy), which is biblical; this is why they can say, “Let us make man in our image”. They have a body and spirit, and so do we, except our spirits cannot be omnipresent. In John 14, Jesus (Yahushua), talks about sending the Comforter/Advocate, which He tells His disciples that they know because He dwells (present tense) with them and will dwell (future tense) in them. Then in the end of the chapter Jesus says, I will come to you. He is saying that He Himself, by His spirit (not another mysterious unknown person) will come and dwell in them and they know Him for He dwells with theme. This is the theme throughout the Bible, in the New Testament as well as the Old Testament. (I believe Jesus spoke this way, in parables, that the truth may only be discerned by sincere seekers, as not to allow the truth to be abused by others). Reverend Malkmus, it is my prayer that you will study this truth with new eyes. Before my eyes were opened, I was amazed that I had never seen this truth; my preconceived ideas and what I was programmed to believe blinded me to it. I believe the Devil wants to conceal the truth of the Father and Son and make a Trinity God (as most pagan religions have) so that the personality and character of the Father and Son will be defaced in the minds of the people. The Bible warns against those who deny the Father and the Son, and the Trinity doctrine causes people to do exactly that; you will be able to see this when you study it deeper. Please, please, just as you plead with people so that their mortal bodies will be saved, I plead with you … Please please, study this so that you as a Reverend will not only help people’s mortal state but eternal/spiritual state by sharing eternal food with them and not the SAD doctrines we have been taught for so long. As the prophet said, “We have inherited lies from our fathers…” May our good Father be with you as you continue faithfully and lovingly in the work He has entrusted to you. Thank you for allowing Him to bless me and so many others through you. May our heavenly Father continue to keep and bless you and yours.

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