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Health Minister Testimonies

Earlier this month, Hallelujah Acres conducted its 75th Health Minister Training which was attended by 71 individuals from across America and as far away as Iceland.

Each of those attending fills out an application, which includes the question: “Please describe health conditions from which you have recovered since starting the Hallelujah Diet”, and “Why do you desire to become a Health Minister?”


Here are some of the answers Health Ministers gave to these questions:


Before adopting The Hallelujah DietI was extremely overweight and suffered with high blood pressure. As a result of making this diet and lifestyle change I have lost 39 pounds and my high blood pressure problem is a thing of the past, and my health has improved tremendously. I no longer take any medications and I owe the turn-around in my health to doing something as simple as changing my diet to living foods and beginning to exercise. I now exercise regularly.

My reason for coming to Health Minister training is because I feel with this training I will be better able to help and serve others. The more I have learned about this incredible physical body God has given me, and the more I have followed His plan for taking care of it, the more I want to share this good news, this diet and lifestyle with others.
Carol B., Palm Beach, Florida (age: 65)

Before making this diet and lifestyle change I suffered with indigestion and bloating, had frequent bouts with rosacea, experienced daily headaches, and scalp itch. All these symptoms are now a thing of the past and my thinking has improved tremendously.

I have been a registered nurse for over 35 years and have never before seen the kind of healing results I have seen using this plant-based diet. Conventional medicine cannot produce these kinds of results.

Through the years I have learned that only Jesus can spiritually save one eternally. Since my experience with The Hallelujah Diet I have learned that caring for the body, the temple of the Holy Spirit, as close to God’s original design as found in the Genesis 1:29 eating plan, is helping me to for the first time in my life appreciate and honor God in my body.

Through the years, many people have looked to me for health education and continue to do so. I feel it is vitally important for me to have the tools to correctly and effectively help others so that I can best help them in both tuning to God through Jesus Christ and in living a life in a body honoring to him. I believe becoming a Hallelujah Health Minister will help me do both of these well.
Deborah M., R.N., Portland, Oregon (age: 59)


As a prostate cancer patient, I was given some chemotherapy which nearly killed me. I went seeking an alternative way of dealing with my cancer and that is when I found The Hallelujah Diet. It has been a little less than a year since adopting the diet and lifestyle and during this time I have lost 75 pounds, lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol, and have more energy than I have had in years.

I don’t know about my cancer, but one thing I know that I am not going to do and that is go back to those doctors who almost killed me with their chemotherapy. Because I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 26 and know where I am going where I to die, I have no fear of dying.

As a trained Hallelujah Acres Health Minister I will be better able to help others restore their health without having to resort to the dangerous drugs of the medical industry, and that is the reason I am coming to Health Minister training.
Robert G., Pine Island, Minnesota (age: 68)


I have been blessed with good health all of my life. As a medical doctor, I want to become a Hallelujah Acres trained Health Minister so that I will be better able to convince all that come to our medical clinic the importance of proper diet and lifestyle.

When a cancer patient comes to our clinic they need to know that the very first and most important thing they need to do if they want to recover from that cancer they are experiencing is to adopt The Hallelujah Diet. As a trained Health Minister I will be better able to help my patients understand the necessity of a changed diet and lifestyle in their recovery.
John M., M.D., Florida (age: 46)

EDITORS NOTE: Dr. John is the 64th medical doctor to go through our Health Minister training program, and may their numbers grow!


Can you provide me with a diet for high cholesterol?  Thank you so much.
Ambassador Albert O, Nigeria, West Africa


EDITOR RESPONDS: Thank you for writing. The Hallelujah Diet is the most optimal diet regardless of what a person is dealing with. We have received hundreds of testimonies from folks who found their cholesterol normalized after being on The Hallelujah Diet for a period of time.

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