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Retreat to The Hallelujah Diet!

The Health Tip you are reading is consecutive issue #797. Every one of these Health Tips has included testimonies from people across the globe, telling of the health improvements they have experienced by simply changing their diet and lifestyle — including some who have lost their way and are returning to The Hallelujah Diet once again to regain their health!

“Hi Dr. Malkmus, Years ago, after being diagnosed with colon cancer (the same kind of cancer you had), I changed my way of eating and was totally healed of that cancer on The Hallelujah Diet. I am embarrassed to say that recently I have regressed back to the SAD diet but want to stop! I need to return to The Hallelujah Diet before I destroy my health! Please pray for me to have strength to do what I need to do. God bless you and Rhonda and ‘Thank You’ for all you do to help so many restore their health.”
Terri W.

“Hi Rev. Malkmus, I really want to get back on The Hallelujah Diet again. I was on it for a whole year and was in such great shape. I have since added a little of ‘this’ and a little of ‘that’, things that I know are not good for me, and it is negatively affecting my health. I really need to be disciplined and would appreciate your prayers that I have victory in this challenge.”
Suzanne D.

“Dear Rev. Malkmus, I am  9 months into my journey on The Hallelujah Diet and could not be happier. To God be all the glory! I am a 45-year-old woman that has battled obesity ever since I was a child, along with numerous ailments that came along with my addiction to the Standard American Diet (SAD). I suffered with infertility, gallbladder problems, tumors, endometriosis, depression, and pre-menopausal symptoms to name only a few of the problems I have suffered with over the years. But after only 9 months on The Hallelujah Diet I am happy to report that my gray days have turned sunny, and I now have a high desire once again to live. I have lost 48 pounds, but that is not all. I have experienced unbelievable improvements in both my physical and spiritual wellbeing. THANK YOU so much for spreading the good news that we ‘don’t have to be sick.’”
Brenda I.

“My family has decided to commit to a healthier year in 2013, both physically and spiritually. We already have borrowed a juicer from a friend and are drinking freshly extracted vegetable juices each day. Our 16-year-old has also joined us and started making healthier choices by giving up soda pop, sweet tea, and cutting way back on other sweets. Please pray that the family continues on this journey to health – not only in the way we eat, but that we will also put God first in our lives. God bless you and all that you do.”
Annette C.

Last week, I shared a story about a cocker spaniel dog who had been on The Hallelujah Diet for the past 5 years. Many people responded to ask what “Vanil” ate each day. Here is one of those responses.

“Hi, we have a dog and would love to put him on the same raw vegan diet we are on.  I am wondering what the cocker spaniel, Vanil, in your recent article eats on a daily basis. Thanks so much for everything!”
~ Amy

I wrote Vanil’s owner and here is the response…

Vanil’s food consisted of the pulp from juicing a wide variety of vegetables. To the pulp we added rolled oats, ground flax, olive oil, and BarleyMax. This mixture was her daily meal. I also dehydrated this recipe to provide a crispy and healthy treat. Vanil also enjoyed broccoli, watermelon and strawberries – but Vanil’s favorite food, bar none, was durian fruit. The TopRawMen (my family) would open a durian fruit on the patio; while they  enjoyed the custard inside the fruit, Vanil would delightfully devour everything else right down to the rind! For those interested in Vanil’s diet we recommend reading “Vegetarian Cats & Dogs’ by James Peden.”

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