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Pain-free On The Hallelujah Diet

I can’t begin to tell you how very much I appreciate your letters of appreciation and encouragement, and especially those letters sharing how The Hallelujah Diet has helped you to improve your health.

Keep those letters — and especially those testimonies — coming; they make my day!


Rev. Malkmus, God’s wisdom will always win when applied! Thank you so much for your weekly Health Tips and all that you do for mankind and especially for the cause of Christ. You have been such a blessing to me.

I recently attended Health Minister Training and learned a lot of valuable information I want to share. I will conduct my first ‘Get Healthy Stay Balanced” presentation the third Saturday in July. I have been studying and praying that the health information I share will not return void but accomplish what it is sent out to do.
Health Minister Marilyn S.


Upon arising one winter morning, because of a badly swollen knee, I found I could barely walk. I went to the doctor and he wanted to give me a cortisone injection for what he said was osteoarthritis, but I refused, because I don’t believe in medications.

Until that visit to the doctor I wasn’t even aware that I had osteoarthritis but that is what the doctor said I had. Shortly after that experience and still suffering from that swollen knee, a friend at work told me about The Hallelujah Diet. I had her order me some BarleyMax and I began The Hallelujah Diet.

Not long after, the swelling in my knee started to reduce and I began losing weight. Since adopting The Hallelujah Diet, my knee has returned completely to normal, and I have experienced significant weight loss. Thank you for opening my eyes to a new and healthy way of eating. Keep up the good work.
Fannie S., New York

In 1992 I had a horrific automobile accident, was on a ventilator in the hospital for 10 months, not expected to live, no less recover. I was 72 years old at the time which was also a factor against me.

Well not only did I recover, but I am now 81 years old and living a reasonably normal life on an almost totally vegan diet. I take no prescription medications. I live in a continuing care community but am able to do all my food preparation. I do no dairy or meat. I drink almond milk. I use BarleyMax and Carrot Juice Max as well as take other Hallelujah Acres supplements.

Thank you for all your input in helping me maintain a healthy body and sound mind.
Shirley S.

Dr. Malkmus, thank you for the truth of God you are putting into your teachings. Thank you also for persevering in spite of great opposition.

When I was on The Hallelujah Diet for seven months, I had energy like a child and was as healthy as could be. But then my juicer broke and I backslid – started eating some pastries and some meat. Now my arthritis which had gone away on The Hallelujah Diet has returned and my fingers hurt.

Reading your Health Tips is helping me to once again stand firmly on the diet and on God’s Word, because of the revelations the Lord is giving to you to share with us. Thank you and your family for your ministry. It is making a positive difference in so many lives. May the Lord continue to bless and use you for His glory!
Grace R.

On The Hallelujah Diet, we juiced a lot and were mostly raw for several years. This diet and lifestyle change allowed me to heal myself of fibromyalgia and my husband got rid of sinus headaches, allergies, and skin problems.

Then we stopped juicing, and started eating things we shouldn’t have, but still avoided junk food. As a result of going off The Hallelujah Diet our health issues are beginning to return. I find it interesting that though we went off The Hallelujah Diet, some in the family still criticize us because we limit the amount of sugar we allow our three children to consume.

Anyway, as a result of reading your health tip today, we are going to get back on The Hallelujah Diet. I have my shopping list already made out and I’m going to the store and load up on healthy stuff today.

I’m now 48 years old, a little overweight, my ankles are swollen, and I need my energy back. My husband’s skin problems have returned and needs to get back on the diet also. Please pray for us to not only be able to get back on track with the diet, but also know how to deal with the pressures of other family members who think we are crazy because we want to make healthy food choices.

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