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Oncologist Confirms Cancer Disappearance

After more than 20 years of receiving and sharing testimonies from people who adopt The Hallelujah Diet, I am still amazed at the scope of the testimonies. From serious illnesses to minor ones, it doesn’t seem to matter; when a person makes the diet and lifestyle change they usually get well.

“Dear Rev. Malkmus, To God be the glory! I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer in September of 2009. As a result of adopting The Hallelujah Diet and prayer I am now cancer free.

Actually my healing had already manifested by 2011, but to confirm that healing, I made an appointment with the oncologist in January 2012. That visit confirmed that my cancer was indeed gone. I thank God and I thank you Rev. Malkmus for my exciting recovery from this cancer. I share the Hallelujah Acres website with lots of people.”
Jean W.

“Dear Rev. Malkmus, Last year I had the privilege of meeting you personally after attending your first Saturday-of-the-month ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ seminar in Shelby. Prior to attending that seminar I had been a devoted vegetarian for 13 years, but on that day I decided to become a 100% vegan.

Even though I had been on what I considered a healthy diet prior to adopting The Hallelujah Diet, my doctor wanted to prescribe Lipitor for my high cholesterol readings just week’s prior. Well, rather than taking my doctors advice and taking that cholesterol lowering drug I came to your seminar and I am so happy to report that on my next visit to my doctor I passed my physical with flying colors. I am so very grateful for the information you shared that, when applied, helped me regain my health. Thank you!

I also want to congratulate you on your new upcoming move of the Hallelujah Acres ministry to Gastonia. That is wonderful news for Hallelujah Acres as well as the Charlotte residents who would love to visit Hallelujah Acres more often.”
Bart T., Charlotte, North Carolina

“I thank God for you Rev. George Malkmus for what God has done through you and your ministry. Many people suffering with what the world calls ‘incurable diseases’ have been saved from premature death by adopting The Hallelujah Diet. I am currently in the process of registering for your Health Minister Training Online program. Be blessed.”
Daniel G.

“Hi Brother George. My husband and I are both Health Ministers with Hallelujah Acres – Hallelujah! We fell off the Hallelujah lifestyle a few months ago during a time of extreme stress as we made the move from New Hampshire to Nevada. Almost immediately after falling off The Hallelujah Diet, my old health issues started to return. Worst of all my GERD returned.

We have been back on The Hallelujah Diet for two weeks – juicing and eating mainly raw and are feeling so much better, except for my GERD. In the past when I would deviate from the diet my GERD was always back under control in about four days, but it’s been two weeks this time and getting worse. I don’t understand. It’s like it was years ago before I first made the diet change. I now have to sleep sitting up so I don’t choke in my sleep from the acid coming up.

Other than the acid problem I am doing great. I have already lost 20 pounds in the past three weeks. I am doing everything ‘text book’ to regain my health after deviating from the diet – even walking over two miles each day and using my rebounder several times a day which I have never done before. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for listening to my whining. Love you guys!”
Carla B.

EDITOR RESPONDS – Hi Carla, I will respond with a verse of Scripture found in Galatians 6:9: “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Apparently this time it will take a little longer to get rid of the GERD than it has taken in the past. May this be a lesson well learned – falling off The Hallelujah Diet can cause a hard landing. Remember the Bible also tells us in Galatians 6:7: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man (or woman) soweth, that shall he (or she) also reap.”


  1. Sharon June 14, 2012

    Carla, you might try taking a tablespoon of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar before each meal or Betatine HCL before each meal. Sometimes when you have GERD you body is not producing enough stomach acid. Also enzymes help tool

  2. Regarding the person with Gerd , i too have this and yes changing the diet helps , losing weight helps but also i mix vinegar [ best is home made ] , garlic oil [ i make ] and powdered ginger and anytime i am having an attack i would drink a sip then water [ yes it burns but helps ] . Normally i would take a sip when i got up in the morning and before i went to bed at night . I havent been doing this for some time but havent been having attacks like i used to either . If i do then i will make more and start over but also a lot has to do with eating or even not eating as an empty stomach at times can bring one on as it is like there is too much acid yet like cures like . Another thing you can do is eat a slice of raw apple before bed that works too .
    One more thing turmeric may help i put it in almost everything i eat [ also use curry and cumin ] as it helps with my thyroid and i do an oil puling using coconut oil usually in the morning .
    Regarding HA moving what is up with that as i thought you had ample room ?

  3. Linda Nitzschke June 27, 2012

    Carla, are you still under more stress than usual, with having had to move, etc.? That could be part of it. The thing I found that helps the most is to CHEW GUM !! Not a spicy or peppermint type, but a tart kind that gets the saliva flowing really well (I like Strawberry Bubblicious). That saliva will keep washing the acid back down into the stomach where it belongs. I know you can’t do that when you’re trying to get to sleep, but you could do so right before going to bed. For bedtime, I always have some water handy at the bedside. If I’m having trouble with reflux when it’s time to go to bed, I take a small sip and hold it in my mouth ’til I get settled, then swallow to wash down anything I’ve stirred up while getting into position to sleep. Hope this helps.

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