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Naturally Cancer Free For 15 Years

It is always such a thrill and so rewarding to hear from folks who have applied the principles that we teach here at Hallelujah Acres — and have recovered from some very serious physical problems!

Please keep sending me these testimonies, because they not only “make my day”, but your stories help to encourage others who are going through what you have.

“Thank you George and Rhonda. Thanking you for staying the course that Jesus brought you to so many years ago.

I am celebrating 15 years cancer free, naturally, because the Lord guided me to George’s book ‘Why Christians Get Sick’. This book opened my spiritual eyes to God’s Way of healing the body naturally.

I refused chemotherapy and radiation after watching my best friend die a horrible death just one year after accepting the traditional treatments of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. I did have the lump removed and then because of the Lord leading us to Hallelujah Acres; the book ‘Why Christians Get Sick’; George’s video ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health‘; and coming to Hallelujah Acres, we were on a mission to healing my bodily temple God’s way.

We later went to Hallelujah Acres and became Health Ministers and have for nearly 15 years now, been sharing God’s message of hope, health, and healing naturally – God’s Way.

Wishing you George and Rhonda, a very merry, blessed, healthy, and Happy Christmas and New Year!
Health Ministers Dave & Linda C., California

“Dear Rev. Malkmus; I greet you in Christian love! Your Health Tip this past week titled “The World’s Diet – Dangerously High in Cooked Food” was just phenomenal! You are a true servant of the Lord and able to show and pull out true nuggets of information from the Bible. I also have a passion of telling people the things that will help keep them healthy.

Does not the Bible admonish us in Romans 12:1 that it is only our reasonable service to God to take care of our bodies?”
Ida A., Florida

“I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for almost a year and seen significant improvement in my health. Thanks for all you are doing to promote a diet that helps people improve their health.”
Lee H.

“Dear Dr. Malkmus, I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for your ministry – especially for the wonderful training you provide through your Health Minister training program.

My husband and I have been attending a Hallelujah Acres training class at Grace Life Community Church in Bristow, Virginia for almost two years. Hallelujah Acres Health Ministers David and Laurel L. have been lovingly ministering to what started out as a small group of 3-4 people in our church and has blossomed into over 30 devoted attendees.

Each week there are at least one or two new ones attending to hear the health message. We have been growing so fast we need to keep finding a larger room in our church to meet in. Praise the Lord!

God has blessed David and Laurel with loving leadership, wisdom, and a servant’s heart. They are totally devoted to getting God’s health message out to whosoever will listen to God’s wonderful healing message. Just wanted you to know how much the Hallelujah Acres message is impacting Northern Virginia.

Many, many thanks to Hallelujah Acres, your ministry Dr. Malkmus and your team of trained Health Ministers. Wishing you and Rhonda a Very Happy and Healthy Christmas and New Year!”
Joice N., Virginia


  1. Dr. J Jankowski December 27, 2011

    This is response to the artiicle titled “Natually cancer free for 15 years”. First let me say, there is no doubt thousands have been healed of cancer ( and other serious disease )through non conventional methods. Of all the various holistic centers, the Hippocrates Health Institute has been the most successful. There is no disagreement Hippocrrates are the most successsful in the reversal of ALL disease. In fact, Hippocrates has the best success record on earth in reversing disease. That said, having read hundreds of testimonies and having examined hundreds of cancer and other patients with serious disease, I can tell you we must be careful when reading testimonies. In the case at hand, I am not convinced linda had the type of cancer which spreads. Please let me explain to those who are not aware of cancer types. Simply put, there are two types of breast cancer. One spreads and the other type of cancer remains a tumor and never spreads to other structures and organs. The surgeon removes the intact tumor and the patient is well and that is the end. Based on my medical interpetation of Linda’s story this was her case. Next. The type of cancer which spreads – by the time it is discovered has already spread throughout the body. And, the original tumor is only the size of an eraser ( one billion cells ) at the time of discovery. But cancer cells have long since broken off and settled elsewhere. So the patient still has cancer, undetected lurking in other locations in the body. When these cancer cells divide and eventually become large enough to detect on scans, they are not viewed as a new cancer. They are viewed as a continuation of the original disease. In Linda’s situation, If the surgeon was unable to remove the tumor mass, because it had spread beyond her nodes, this would mean linda still had cancer remaining in her body. At this point if linda refused orthodox cancer treatment and opted entirely for holistic means to heal, and this treatment or lifesyle changes were successful, linda would have a valid testimony to share. Dr. J Jankowsk.

    • Valerie Puru December 28, 2011

      In my thinking, Im not sure whether Linda had the type that spreads or not, as I have not read it, but okay it does help tremedously if a cancel is caught early, but in my thinking we human beings do consist of billions of living cells, and if we feed the cell with fuel in which to fight with, to compact the cancer or any dis-ease in our body, would not that be more conducive too aiding the healing of the body.I have seen many people with all sorts of ailments and pretty serious conditions and they have come into see the doctor or nurse and they have told them to do this and put a certain patch here or there, and they have gone, the patient I mean, and the marvelous body has taken over and done the healing itself. So given that, would it make more sense to help the body and give it more weapons in which to work with, instead of going the conventional way , which in most cases is very painful . My thoughts on the matter.

  2. Evangelist Ro December 28, 2011

    BLESS YOU LINDA! What an inspiration. Jesus does and will always continue to heal. And eating the right foods aids in this process. Bless You, Bless You, BLESS YOU and your precious husband Dave.

    TKS Rev. Malkmus for your obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit to help us all (who desire to) self heal. Bless You a trillion times over…

    Evangelist Ro*

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