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Mystery Illnesses… Solved!

Nearly every day I receive testimonies from people who have experienced all manner of both physical and psychological problems, who were able to restore their health by making a simple diet and lifestyle change. Here are a couple of recent examples:

“Hi George, I read in last week’s Health Tip the testimony of that pastor in South Boston, Virginia for whom the doctors (after numerous testing) could not determine the problem. His testimony reminded me of my own health scare just over a year ago.

For five months the doctors were baffled. They could not figure out what was wrong with me. I too had lost 70 pounds, and was so ill. They had me on oxygen and so many medications and just could not diagnose the problem. Finally, in frustration, I asked the Lord in prayer to please show me how I could help myself and I heard Him say: ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ (the title of the book you wrote, Brother Malkmus). My husband heard the Lord saying the same thing.

I immediately went on The Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle and was fully recovered from this undiagnosed problem in eight months. I tell everyone I can about The Hallelujah Diet and how it restored my health.

The Lord is using you Brother George and your ministry during these last days. God bless!”
Sonia J.

I suffered for 52 years of my life with all kinds of illnesses. In fact, I almost died several times during the 26 years as I was ministering overseas in Africa and Eastern Siberia. I just didn’t have very good immunity, probably due to not having mother’s breast milk and being raised on formula.

My mom was very sick when I was conceived and died when I was just three. I even went to medical school in an effort to learn how to help myself with a laundry list of diseases but all I learned was how to use medications and that we needed to eat dairy and meat to get our calcium and protein.

As a result of my poor immunity, I suffered with severe asthma, severe allergies of all sorts, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, and rheumatoid arthritis in addition to malaria and hepatitis A as a result of living in some very poor villages where I worked as a Wycliffe Bible translator in Mali, Africa.

Then, 13 years ago, when I had lost all hope of ever regaining my health, God graciously connected me with Hallelujah Acres when I visited the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Lake Lure, North Carolina and adopted The Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle.

That 5-day visit to the Lifestyle Center was a marvelous, hands-on intensive experience that eventually resulted in the restoration of my health and becoming a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister.

As a result of adopting The Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle I have not been sick at all, not even with a cold or the flu during the past 13 years. The fact is that during these past 13 years I have been in the best health ever despite all the stress of living in Eastern Siberia and experiencing some of the fiercest warfare during the past 3 years, while at the same time working hard at finishing my PhD dissertation.

As a result of adopting The Hallelujah Diet, I no longer have asthma, all my allergies are gone, no more bronchitis or pneumonia which used to plague me, nor can the doctors find any arthritis anywhere in my body.

In fact everything health wise is now great – except for my doctor who keeps complaining about my low white blood cell count. Amazingly he doesn’t realize that a healthy body will naturally have a low white blood cell count because my immune system is now strong and my body has no infections to fight.

Needless to say, I love to use my tools and knowledge learned as a Health Minister to help those who are sick, but sadly, during the past 13 years I have seen so many more lost people respond positively to the Gospel of Jesus Christ than Christians responding positively to the health information I have been attempting to share.

I am asking God to help me live out my teaching role with His guidance and wisdom in the days and years ahead.”
Kim L., Health Minister


  1. Margaret April 11, 2013

    I love the health tips and have been sharing with those in my ministry. It is a cancer survivor’s ministry. Can anyone help me with “lymphedema” — just recently diagnosed and the doctors don’t seem to know much about it, except to exercise the arm and wear a medical sleeve.

    • Lymph diseases are serious. Please, please take my advise and search for a doctor who knows about this. My grandfather thought he could beat a lymph disease with a diet and he didn’t make it. Please seek help elsewhere!

  2. Not a good thing to say “sadly… many more lost people respond positively to the Gospel”. The Gospel is a MUCH more important message than the H. Diet.

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