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Life With Dignity On The Hallelujah Diet

In last week’s testimonies, we shared the experience of Health Minister Anita’s 80-year-old husband Bud, who after a four year battle with prostate cancer passed on to be with Jesus.

In that testimony, Anita shared how The Hallelujah Diet allowed him to have quality of life and an extended life without suffering the medical torture he would have experienced had he gone the medical route.

Following are a few of the responses to that testimony:

“I absolutely love reading these testimonies of the benefits of The Hallelujah Diet. Thank you!!!”
Becky A.

“Actually, that’s my goal. I don’t want a painful death. I want to thrive and pass on with grace when it’s my time.”
Kaylene P.

“I do believe this courageous gentleman went home because it was his time and that he died of old age, not only the cancer! Eighty years old is a well run race. What a blessing to hear how we can still die well and with our loved ones helping us in this day and age – Thank you for your very personal and brave testimony! God Bless!!!”
Donna C.

“Rev. Malkmus, thank you for your website and for the people that share their testimonies of living victoriously after adopting healthy eating. I was told I had colon cancer (just like you) and would have to have surgery to remove a portion of my colon and then having it reattached.

The following Sunday in a session for adults, our pastor was teaching on living holistically by adopting The Hallelujah Diet. I felt the Lord leading me to attend and the pastor talked about not only The Hallelujah Diet but also a book titled ‘The China Study’ by T. Colin Campbell. I got the book, read it, and realized that God wanted me to participate in my healing by changing the way I ate, which I learned had been the cause of my cancer.

So I immediately began a new way to live, by so eating that my body could receive the nutrients it needed to heal itself. After making the diet and lifestyle change, a final examination of my colon revealed my colon clear of cancer.

Praise God, I am now eating to live and no longer living to eat. In addition to having my colon still intact, I have lost some unwanted weight and have my health back, for which I thank God.”
Merilyn D.

“Pastor Malkmus, it is with a grin and a smile that I pass this information that I read today on a CBN email newsletter on to you. It said that doctors have just discovered that stem cells taken from the patient’s heart and allowed to mature and then reintroduced back into the patient’s heart have been observed to regenerate the heart for patients with heart failure and thus they are learning that the body has the ability to heal itself.

WOW! What a discovery!

Finally the world is learning what you have been saying over and over in your Health Tips for years, only they attribute this healing to the stem cells, while you attribute this ability of the body to heal itself to God and the stem cells that He created.

I want to also thank you for your recent article on the dangers of refined sugar which I have passed on to many. If only people would learn that the body will heal itself if we give it the right building materials, rather than relying on the world to do what only God gave the body the ability to do.

God bless you Pastor Malkmus and your ministry. I fully trust and believe in what you teach.”
Miriam E.

“Five years ago after my sister was diagnosed with colon cancer, we both attended your free first Saturday-of-the-month seminar there in Shelby. It was my first experience hearing how what we eat and drink can affect our health.

After purchasing several of your books and reading a great deal both from them and on your website, I decided to adopt The Hallelujah Diet. Since making that diet change five years ago I have lost 104 pounds.

Thank you Dr. Malkmus for sharing this lifesaving knowledge!”
Melissa W.

NOTE: Our next first-Saturday-of-the-month, “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar is scheduled for Saturday, December 3, right here at Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, North Carolina. In addition to there being no cost for the lifesaving information, all who attend will receive a free copy of the Hallelujah Acres Health News.


  1. Emeka Egwim December 5, 2011

    dear sir,
    i am an ardent reader of your weekly news letter and cannot really state in words the much benefits that the information contained in them has done for my life, they are too numerous to mention.

    sir, my dad who is above sixty has been complaining of severe pains in the bones from his right thyres to the foot(arthritis)what kind of foods will you recommend for him.

    also i just took a free test by Dynapharm int’l (an MLM) company. they observed that i have a weak lung, liver, testosterone and pancreas. what type of food will you recommend that i start eating.

    thank you

    emeka egwim

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