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Kudos From Africa

From across America and around the world, by word of mouth, the internet, and printed page, people are learning of the amazing improvements in health people are experiencing when they adopt The Hallelujah Diet.

For our lead testimony this week I want to share a testimony from Dr. Chinwe E. of Uniport, Port Harcourt, Nigeria who responded to my article in this week’s Health Tip titled “How Can We Improve The Hallelujah Health Tip?”.

In her letter below she not only encouraged me in my efforts to slow down, but also shares how The Hallelujah Diet improved her health and possibly helped saved her life:

Dear Pastor George, it is great wisdom for you to adjust your schedule in order to allow your body to get a stretch of good uninterrupted night sleep. It’s amazing that you had been coping well with such a heavy loaded schedule for the past 20 years. It sure reminds us of the testimony of Caleb, who at the age of 80 years was still as full of strength and vigor as he was at 40.

About the content of your Health Tips, we suggest you continue to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth. Many lives have been blessed and built up through your ministry publications. Pity I didn’t get on board, 20 years ago when you started sharing health from a Biblical perspective.

Before learning of Hallelujah Acres, my diet was a catalogue of all the things we should avoid. I ate bread made of white flour (with bromate) twice daily with lots of cow milk. I snacked on junk with packaged drinks loaded with sugars, laced with flavorings, colorants, and preservatives. Frying foods with vegetable oil was a regular treat. I drank little water all day, never bothered to do any exercise, and endured an excessive workload at work for years.

If I had known back then what I know now, I would have been spared the pain and agony of walking through the valley of the shadow of death, through the experience of recurrent cholecystitis, giant multinodular goiter during my pregnancy of twin babies, and unexplained anemia in the same pregnancy. About 14 months after the twins were born, came the cancer, followed by two major surgeries, radiation and all.

God sent me help through my friend Dr. Carol, who introduced me to The Hallelujah Diet.

I started taking the BarleyMax and Carrot Juice Max, three times daily, and also juice from our local cucumbers and carrots. We bought the Green Star Elite juicer from Havillah shop, a Health Food Store in Lagos, which made juicing so easy and great. We also got an elliptical stationary bicycle for 10 minutes of exercise early, every morning. Health can’t be complete without exercise.

Watching Dr. Lorraine Day’s videos (Cancer Doesn’t Scare me Anymore, You Can’t Improve On God, and Diseases Doesn’t Just Happen), helped strengthen my faith that God is able to heal our bodies through the proper diet and lifestyle.

And so we can’t help but continue to praise God with joy.. .let the Hallelujah never stop ringing!”
– Dr. Chinwe E., Uniport, Port Harcourt. Nigeria


Dear Reverend Malkmus, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your healing Hallelujah Acres ministry. I just returned home from a glorious week at Dave and Sherry’s paradise at the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Plant City, Florida — talk about divine intervention!

I had attended their Lifestyle Center five years ago and that was the best week of my whole life and last week on my return to their Lifestyle Center and to their beautiful home was the second best week of my 72-year life.

Both Sherry and Dave have the God given gifts of love, mercy, teaching, diligence, and encouragement.  I cried when I left because I felt like I was leaving the ‘Promised Land’. Their home is immaculate, gorgeous, and full of love and the Holy Spirit. They went out of their way to make all of us feel special.

The food was incredible, and their daughter Amberlee was the icing on the cake. What an absolute angel she is! I have always hated vegetables but I loved their vegetable recipes.

My husband was previously completely against going on the diet but after viewing Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s video Forks Over Knives, he is now on The Hallelujah Diet full blown! After just two weeks on the diet my arthritis is 40% better and my headaches are completely gone! Before the diet change I was taking eight Tylenol each and every day.

As a result of adopting The Hallelujah Diet I feel like I am 16 years old again and I praise God for you and your ministry, and Dave, Sherry, and Amberlee for opening up their beautiful home to offer me a ‘place of refuge’ from my pain. When you get to heaven I know Jesus will take you by the hand and say ‘well done, thank you for your faithful service!’ Love in Christ.
– Barbara B., Lake Worth, Florida


  1. Dear Rev Malkmus,

    when i read about people from my side of the world practicing the hallelujah diet, it gives me joy.

    I started on this journey close to 3 years ago and has since enjoyed good health.
    I hear you would be in Nigeria in november, can i please have your timetable for the 3weeks so that i can attaend the programmes for lagos since i live in lagos.

    I would also like to have the contact and phone no. of Sir Godfrey Ohuabunwa.


  2. Dear Rev,
    It is heart warming and exciting to read such testimony from Nigeria, am a fan of the Hallelujah Acres and I try to practice the diet as much as I can. I look forward to having Paul and Ann with us in Nigeria. please post their schedule on time to enable proper planing to attend their meetings.
    God bless you sir.

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