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“I owe my voice to The Hallelujah Diet!”

One of the questions I am sometimes asked is: “Does the health improvements a person experiences on the Hallelujah Diet last? Well this week I have a testimony from a lady who first wrote me regarding her cancer 10 years ago and then again this past week. Here’s what she wrote 10-years ago…

“Dear Dr. Malkmus, I had a tumor on the side of my neck which deactivated my vocal cord. The doctors wanted to remove the tumor surgically.  They also wanted to remove the vocal cord nerve and the thyroid.

I refused all radiation treatments and surgery, but went on a strict vegan diet, drinking two liters of carrot juice every day. I also make some green leafy vegetable juice.

The tumor has shrunk to a fraction of its original size and I have my voice back. I can even sign again.

I praise the Lord for that. He is so good to us. If only people would listen. Please keep up the good work. Your lifestyle is an example for us, my husband, our son, and me. I got well because I obeyed the Lord and followed His advice.
~ Margrit J.

This past week I received the following letter from Margrit…

“Dear Dr. Malkmus, It’s too late to wish you a happy 80th birthday, but still I would like to wish you all the very best for the coming year. Thank you very much for the work you are doing.

I wrote to you 10 years ago when I had lost my voice and refused the radiation treatments and surgeries the doctors suggested to ‘cure’ the tumor in my throat. I just wanted you to know that I am still able to sing and I’m very grateful for your help and advice!

If I had gone the doctor’s route I would not be able to talk or sing.

Instead, I’m healthy and enjoying living. We know grow some of our food and purchase unsprayed fruits and vegetables from friends and local farmers.

Again thank you for keeping us informed and thank you for being such a great example of what healthy eating can accomplish. May the Lord continue to bless you!”
~ Margrit J.

Thank you Margrit! It is always so encouraging to hear from someone who, years ago, was able to improve their health by doing something as simple as change their diet. For you Margrit, it has been 10 years since you changed your diet and had such dramatic improvements in your health.

For me, it has been 38 years since I adopted a plant-based diet along with lots of vegetable juices that resulted in the disappearance of my colon cancer and I am still cancer free 38 years later.

There must be others!

If this is you, I would appreciate your dropping me a line – sharing what you recovered from, how many years ago it happened, and what your health is today. Click here to send your testimony — thank you!

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