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How Words Of Wisdom Defeated Cancer

Have you ever done something for someone else that was a blessing to them and they rewarded you by saying “THANK YOU”? It is a wonderful feeling isn’t it? You were blessed as a result of blessing someone else. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is to be blessed by letters like these almost daily:

“Dear Pastor George, On November 15, 2011 I wrote you regarding my cancer diagnosis and the great fear I was experiencing. You wrote back to me and I have carried your response with me ever since, reflecting on your words of wisdom and guidance on numerous occasions. Your letter alleviated my concerns regarding my making a change in my diet and lifestyle rather than accepting traditional medical treatments. You concluded your letter by admonishing me to read the Scripture found in Romans 12:1-2.

Well, it has been nearly a year since you wrote me and I am thrilled to report I have had many benefits as a result of changing my diet to The Hallelujah Diet, the greatest being that I NO LONGER HAVE CANCER!

Tomorrow I have been asked to speak in my church on the subject of ‘Faith and Healing’. I am so excited regarding this opportunity to share with the people in my church the healing power of the body when we nourish it the way God designed it to be nourished. And though I have not been able to attend a Health Minister training as yet, I want you to know that I will, however, carry your health message tomorrow to the people gathered. I will tell them that when my arms were tired, you, Dr. Malkmus, a man I never met, a brother in Christ, acted as an apostle of Christ Jesus and shared with me truths from the Bible I was not aware of. I will share with those gathered tomorrow your email containing the information I needed to restore my health.

I want to thank you and tell you that I am so grateful for you taking the time to not only read my email, but for taking the time to respond. You are truly a servant of God.”
Susan D.


“Dear Rev. Malkmus, Three months ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer following receiving a score of 6.7 on the Gleason scale. Immediately upon diagnosis I adopted The Hallelujah Recovery Diet. Yesterday I went to my urologist for a digital exam and it showed NOTHING, CANCER GONE! Of course we will continue to monitor it with another PSA and exam in three months, but surely the Lord heard me and used you and the folks at Hallelujah Acres to come to my aid in my time of need. THANK YOU! I will keep you posted.”
Richard G.

“Dear George, I just wanted to thank you for your weekly electronic Health Tips and for the good work our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is using you and your team at Hallelujah Acres to do in helping restore health to the body of Christ. The Christian community is just as sick as the non-Christian community because they are eating the world’s diet rather than God’s diet.

When I can afford it I plan on taking Health Minister Training, but in the meanwhile I am ministering your health message by recommending your website to everyone I come across who is in need of healing.”
Christy U.

“I live in the Solomon Islands and too far to travel to the United States to attend Health Minister training. Do you ever have Health Minister training in Australia or somewhere in the Pacific? We badly need the health truths you are proclaiming there in the United States here in the Pacific and especially here in the Solomon Islands. Thank you for your help.”
Ellison B., Solomon Islands
(a sovereign state in the Pacific Ocean east of Papua New Guinea, consisting of nearly a thousand islands)

Editor Responds

Dear Ellison, I am thrilled to report that you no longer have to journey to the United States or any other country for that matter in order to take our Health Minister Training. Training is now available online and available to anyone in the world who has high-speed Internet access.

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