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How I Beat IBS

Usually, people don’t think that the The Hallelujah Diet can help with IBS because The Hallelujah Diet involves a lot of raw vegetables — and raw vegetables are typically what people with IBS are told to avoid.

That, however, is a bit of a misunderstanding.

And perhaps no one knows that better than Ann Malkmus. Ann is Hallelujah Acres’ Chief of Education, and before she discovered The Hallelujah Diet, she suffered with IBS for over a decade.

Here’s how she overcame it…

Got IBS? Fight it like Ann did…

  1. Drink freshly extracted vegetable juices throughout each day. Get a high quality juicer like a Champion, Hurom, or Green Star or just start with BarleyMax.
  2. Slowly begin introducing cooked vegetables.
  3. Gradually, eat raw vegetables as a “salad smoothie” by making a salad and then blending it in a Vitamix or Blendtec blender.
  4. Help your digestive system heal itself. Ann used Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes to do this.
  5. Manage stress and get some exercise by walking a mile or two a day. Need to add some fun to your walk? Try these walking poles to get a whole body workout!


  1. Hi Ann: Thank you for your testimony on IBS. I have been diagnosed with Crohn’s/Colitis. I have been trying to incorporate more raw into my diet, without much success. Now I think I know why. My immune system is compromised, and am not able to digest properly the nutrients. I have suffered with so much malabsorption problems, and malnutrition. My hair is falling out, fingernails are soft and splitting, breaking, etc. So now I will try to do the blended salads and more juicing. Thanks for your help Ann.

  2. Catherine Evans April 26, 2013

    Ann, I am so grateful for your testimony. It just brings tears to my eyes. My 16 year old son has been suffering from IBS (for lack of a better term). He has been to his regular pediatrician and specialists, lots of testing (including 2 upper and lower endoscopies in 1 years time), and several different, very expensive medications but nothing helped.

    I started the Hallelujah Diet about 1 yr ago. It has been rocky for me as I had a hard time really understanding how to go about it. Also, my son and other kids (older) were resistant to give up what they were used to. After reading everything I can get by Rev. Malkmus and also the China Study, I have seen how important what we eat is to our health. I have lost 20 lbs and am feeling so much better. My older son and husband are starting to come around by my 16 yr old is very resistant.

    I would like to know exactly what you did. Besides juice is there anything else you could have? His pediatrician doesn’t like that I am “vegan” and eating mainly whole, raw foods. She wants him to have whole milk and animal protein. I tired to give him probiotics and digestive enzymes. But I guess we didn’t try it long enough. When we didn’t see results in a month or two we gave up. I would appreciate any help you can give.

    God bless you and Hallelujah Acres!

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