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High Blood Pressure, Arthritis and Hay Fever Gone!

George, I just wanted to tell you what a blessing Hallelujah Acres has been to me and my health. Your diet and lifestyle has taken away my high blood pressure, arthritis and hay fever.

How sad it is that more people do not know about Hallelujah Acres or have an understanding of the dangers of the Standard American Diet (SAD) and the currently controlled government health care system.

My father was a medical doctor who lived to be 86 years of age. In all the years he practiced I never saw him take any medications. He prescribed them but didn’t take them.

Eating the SAD and then going to the doctor to get well is not the solution to the health problems of the people of this country – but eating and living the Hallelujah Way is!

Rev. Malkmus, keep on keeping on! You have a wonderful ministry!

Mel R., St. Francisville, Louisiana

(Also available in the Hallelujah Acres Testimonies)

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