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Health Tip Readers Become Their Own Doctors!

Response was exceptionally heavy to the Health Tip article titled: “I Became My Own Doctor 37 Years Ago.” Following are some of those responses:

“Hi George, I agree with you 100% about being your own doctor. Doctors gave me no hope when I had a crippling case of rheumatoid arthritis over 32 years ago. All they offered me was strong drugs and possibly some replacement parts. The day my doctor said there was no cure for me was the last time I have been back to see a doctor for anything in the past over 30 years.

Through research and study I came across the raw food and vegetable juice diet and, although it was not an overnight healing, I stuck with it and in less than two years was completely free of this terrible crippling ‘incurable’ disease, with absolutely no drugs!

It’s important for people to realize that whatever disease they are trying to reverse they have to stay the course and stick with a raw, plant-based diet no matter what. If they will stick with it, it becomes an enjoyable lifestyle that they will want to remain on for the rest of their life. If one goes back to their old ways of eating and living, the disease they had will most certainly come back.

I have been living this way for over 30 years now and teaching this way of living for over 12 years and have seen so many people get well from just about every disease that man has created including cancer and multiple sclerosis. It’s time everyone started taking responsibility for their own health and not relying on some doctor who only sees them a few times a year and will only show them how to mask the symptom, instead of showing them how to remove the cause so that they can reverse the symptoms. Who knows you better then you do about yourself?

This natural way of living and healing oneself is not rocket science, it’s pure, basic common sense. How hard is it to understand that when you cook food you destroy the nutrition and you can’t make healthy cells in the body with dead food? Just won’t happen! Sometimes, as humans, we tend to take something simple and make it complicated which sets us up for failure. Keep speaking the truth George!
~ Health Minister Curtis G. Windsor, Connecticut

“Dear Dr. Malkmus, I just read your article about becoming your own doctor. I became my own doctor five years ago after doctors had failed to eradicate my ovarian cancer with surgery and chemotherapy. If I had known back then what I know now I would never have allowed the doctors to treat me. As a result of becoming my own doctor and by following The Hallelujah Diet my cancer has been in remission for the past five years and I am now in excellent health. May God continue to bless you in this wonderful ministry.”
~ Joan K.

“Dear George, While visiting my 92-year-old mother in California this week, we read together your Health Tip on how you became your own doctor 37 years ago. Mother related to your grandparents’ story of not having an indoor toilet; Mom, too, used the outhouse when she was growing up.

Mom has now been on The Hallelujah Diet since age 75. She was visiting us in Arizona this past October and fell, breaking her shoulder and was hospitalized. The medical staff could not believe that mom takes no medicines. She made sure all the credit went to her Saviour and His plan of eating – The Hallelujah Diet! She is home now, fully recovered, caring for her own needs at age 92. She said to the doctor, ‘why would I want medicines when I have no pain or physical problems! Thanks.”
~ Health Minister Peggy N., Phoenix, Arizona

“Dear George, How BLESSED I am to have met you and become a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister. Ten years ago I recovered from pancreatic cancer on The Hallelujah Diet.

At the current moment, I am in Jerusalem spreading the good news of the Genesis 1:29 diet with 150 Revelation Christian satellite TV viewers, many of whom are now starting to get well and stay well. Revelation TV is reaching millions and is seen in the USA on the Roku box. Every day I thank God for you and my time at Hallelujah Acres.”
~ Rev. Felicity W., Island of Jersey off the coast of Normandy, France

“As an avid follower and partaker of The Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle for many years I have to say what an incredible and inspiring story of how you became your own doctor. Thank you ,George Malkmus! I wish you many more awesome years with us! It still just amazes me the volume of people that are simply not interested in living your better and healthier lifestyle. Even with all the evidence, testimonies, and proof right before their very eyes, they still choose sickness and death. As for me, I choose health and life! Praise the Lord!”
~ Greg

“Dear Pastor George, I too have read your story before. What an inspiring testimony. Today we will find out if my husband has lung cancer. We are praying for a miracle that he does not. We have done a lot of praying and reading. After reading what chemo is actually made from and what the side effects are, praise the Lord my husband will not be doing that. Rather, he is adopting The Hallelujah Diet. I also watched my mother go through radiation and chemo and it was horrible and barbaric. I can’t believe it is even legal. God bless you for what you do and share.”
~ Menyoun

“George, I have read your testimony numerous times before and am still amazed. You are truly a miracle. My husband and I have been juicing every day, and eating salads. We are working on changing completely to the diet you have recommended. We both want to be vibrant and active when we are in our 70s and beyond. That is what God intended for us. Thank you for the inspiration!”
~ Vicki

“I just read your article on how you became your own doctor 37 years ago. It was forwarded into my email box by a friend. I also read the testimonies of people whose lives have been rescued from death through your God-given inspired messages. I bless God for your life. I also want to be a channel of blessing to others in my country.”
~ Oso A., Nigeria, Africa

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