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“God’s Wisdom” Wakes Up The Wise

Last week’s Health Tip article, “God’s Wisdom vs. the World’s Wisdom” attracted some great responses! Read it now.

“Great post – thank you very much and please keep up the good work; kind regards.”
~Hans in Montreal

“What a fantastic article! This completely sums up everything I truly believe and God has used Hallelujah Acres to bring such wisdom, revelation, knowledge, and understanding! Thank you for this ministry! Glory to God!”
~ Dana I.

“Dear Reverend Malkmus, great article! I have been following your amazing work and ministry for almost 10 years! Thanks for all you do in the Kingdom of God!
I am a Holistic Health Coach and I too have a ministry and heart to bring the truth about divine health to the body of Christ. I know firsthand the resistance there, not necessarily by the brothers and sisters but by the ‘spirits” of the age that they have been deceived by. God’s Word says, “my people perish for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6). May the Spirit of Truth boldly rise up on the Earth. God needs His army to be strong and healthy in the days ahead. Thank you for being a bold forerunner in this cause…as the spirits of the prophets of old, Daniel, Joseph and Elijah rise up on the earth today.”
~ Donna R.

“Thumbs up to you George! Many thanks for your advice over the years.”
~ Linda

“Your weekly health tips have inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle for several years now. Because of the information that you make available I have given up meats, soft drinks and sweets. My weakness is finding time to juice and I should be eating more vegetables. I do not eat fast food or processed foods thanks to the information that you and the team make available. Please keep up the good work and I appreciate all that you do. My life has been influenced in a huge way by Hallelujah Acres and your testimony. You’re awesome!”
~ Teresa A.


  1. Robyn fifield March 23, 2015

    God doesnt tell us to juice in the bible he says eat

    • Christy Okon March 24, 2015

      We are well aware of what God instructed in Genesis 1:29. Unfortunately, we live in a day some 6000 years later when our environment, water, foods, etc are loaded with toxins. Our foods are nutritionally deficient due to lost topsoil, chemical fertilizers, poor growing practices, etc. We simply cannot eat enough of today’s foods raw, and efficiently process the amount of fiber we would be consuming to get all the nutrition we need. We can juice several pounds of produce (~ 6 to 7 pounds to get six 8-ounce glasses of juice), drink the juice and provide our bodies the nutrition from that produce in a form that makes over 92% of the nutrients available (according to H.E. Kirschner, M.D.) at cellular level to nourish and rebuild our body. We want to honor the principles of Genesis 1:29 and make them applicable for the day in which we live.

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