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God’s Medicine

Welcome to the first Health Tip for 2013! As we look forward to adding hundreds of new testimonies during the New Year to the tens-of-thousands of testimonies received and shared in previous years, we trust you will be as blessed by them, and that you will share them with others.

Here is a great testimony to begin the New Year with:

“Before being diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia in March of 2009 I was in elite athletic condition as a kick-boxer, and worked out 5-6 days a week. I had your book before I was diagnosed but had not adopted The Hallelujah Diet. I went on your diet immediately after receiving the cancer diagnosis. At the time of my diagnosis my white blood cell count was 22,000. During my check up only a few weeks later my white blood cell count was down to 12,000 which is almost normal. My doctor could not explain this tremendous improvement in such a short time, but assured me it had nothing to do with my change in diet.

Shortly after experiencing this wonderful improvement, my husband and I experienced a devastating loss of income and I went off the diet. My white blood cell count is now up to 44,000, and I have just returned to the diet. I am convinced the Hallelujah Way is the only way I am going to get well. I believe this diet is God’s medicine.

I guess I am writing for encouragement as I start this journey once again. I am also very interested in becoming a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister, by taking your online course, because I want to help others. Thank you for all you do and for your excellent website.”
– Sheila S.

“Rev. Malkmus, on March 9, 2012 I was faced with making a decision: ‘Do I continue to go the medical route with my diabetes or do I take charge of my life with God’s help and possibly extend my life?’ You see, I have been a diabetic for 17 years with blood sugar readings as high as 300-plus. I was taking injection insulin three times a day – morning 32 units; noon 14 units; bedtime as much as 100 units. As you can see my blood sugar readings were completely out of control. In addition to the insulin I was taking 14 medications to treat various other symptoms.

Well, I chose to seek God’s help and He led me to the Good Foods Store in Richmond, Virginia where I was introduced to The Hallelujah Diet. Since adopting The Hallelujah Diet I no longer have need of insulin and I am off all 14 medications.

Before the diet change I weighed 360 pounds, and had a 54 inch waist. To date I have lost 102 pounds and my waist size is down to 44 inches. My goal is to get down to 185-190 and, with God’s help, I will achieve that goal. On June 26, 2012, just over 3 months after adopting The Hallelujah Diet, I began exercising. My doctor (who over a 17-year period watched me balloon to 350 pounds and was finally able to take me off insulin and 14 medications) told me he was very happy with my extraordinary progress. I told him I attributed my progress to Almighty God, and the information given me by the Good Foods Store, which led me to Hallelujah Acres. The local news media has gotten in touch with me recently and are going to do a story about me (a 63-year-old) who has seen his health and life transformed through a simple diet and lifestyle change. I plan to become a Certified Hallelujah Acres Health Minister . . .   thanks to you Rev. Malkmus.”
– Danny B., Richmond, Virginia

“Thank you George and Rhonda for all you do and have done. What a blessing and inspiration you both have been to me. I respect so much that you have included God and His diet as the first ingredient in the healing process. I also respect that you have been humble enough to make changes in your teachings when you saw that making change was needed.”
– Carol T.


  1. juicemaker March 22, 2013

    I two was a victim of colon cancer back in 93,and my doctors made it very clear that if i did not do what they said i would not live for 4 mouths,will i’m still here and i believe i’m still here because i changed my life style,thanks to a friend of my,you my have herd of him the juice man,so i bought a juicer and began juicing,for over one hundred day i developed a juice that save my life and to this day i still drink up to 32 oz each and everyday of my new life,thanks to nature and all the healing power with in each and every cell of God’s food, thanks to the healing power of vegetables and fruits
    i’m still living a health life style. Juicemaker

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