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End of the 40-Year Migraine

After reading tens of thousands of testimonies of what many would consider miraculous healings of numerous physical and psychological problems over the past nearly 20 years, you would think I would be used to them by now, but I still stand amazed when I read testimonies like the following one received this past week:

Where do I begin? Nine weeks ago after reaching the point of migraine headache pain that was no longer tolerable, even with medication, I told my clinical pharmacist husband I would do what he had been encouraging me to do for the past five years – adopt The Hallelujah Diet.

He almost went on the diet and lifestyle himself before we met, but then we were married, and life got in the way. It was my husband that first diagnosed my severe headaches as migraine headaches after doctors had told me since I was a teen that they were simply sinus headaches. I am now 53 years old.

Within two weeks of making the diet and lifestyle change at a slow pace due to my days of pain, reorganizing and replacing my kitchen equipment, and with green smoothie in hand I looked at my husband and said – ‘this is my only hope!’ I was still experiencing some painful days, but they were less frequent and less intense, and I was able to reduce my pain medicine.

Prior to the diet change I used to have horrible pain almost every day, and the pain medicine, while relieving the pain somewhat, increased my fatigue and it took days to recover from the medicine.

Three weeks after making the diet and lifestyle change, I had such a light day of pain I didn’t need my medicine and since then I haven’t had any pain of any kind, nor any need of medicine, and I awake every morning with energy – energy like I experienced only on my best days when in my 20s.

It was then, three weeks after making the diet and lifestyle change, that my clinical pharmacist husband said ‘I think your migraines are gone!’ Tears welled up in my eyes to those words. No one knows how painful migraines are unless they have suffered with them themselves.

Through the years, because of the intense pain, I had even had thoughts of ending my life at times if only I had the courage. A migraine is not a headache – it is far worse than anything you can imagine.

I have carefully reviewed many of the Hallelujah Acres videos and materials and taken this new information to heart. What I had learned from independent and formal training in prior years was just the tip of the iceberg compared to what I have learned from Hallelujah Acres in just the past nine weeks.

We have purchased a second refrigerator to hold all of our veggies for juicing and our salad box. We have all of your recipe books and kitchen tools, including the Green Star 5000, our juicing hero.

I left North Carolina to marry my husband in Dallas, Texas five years ago. Soon my husband will be retiring and we are moving back to North Carolina, hopefully near where Hallelujah Acres is located, so that we can share the wonderful blessings of true health that you have given us.

You have already saved my life and my marriage and I am so excited about continuing on this healing journey with my husband at my side. Thank you and God bless you in all things!
Cynthia A., BSN, RN, Dallas, TX

Dear Rev. Malkmus, When my oldest daughter was born 19 years ago, I didn’t want to give her any vaccinations because it just seemed so ‘unnatural.’ As a result, I put my doctor off (who was insisting I have her vaccinated) for 15 months. Finally, after the doctor convinced me of the importance of having her vaccinated, I let them give my baby one shot – just to see how she reacted.

As a result of just that one vaccination she had a seizure immediately after while sleeping. I thought I was going to lose her! I have never in my life been so scared! I determined right then and there that I would never again leave decisions regarding any of my children up to the ‘experts’ until I had done my own thorough research.

The Lord is the one that gave me my children and I’m the one responsible for raising and protecting them. Upon researching vaccines, as limited as the information regarding the adverse reaction potential was nearly 20 years ago, I was appalled at what I found.

It shocked me that so many children were being harmed by these vaccinations way back then and parents were just sitting back and allowing doctors to continue injecting these toxic substances into their children.

Today, these vaccinations are causing tens-of-thousands of problems among our children, including autism, ADHD, cancers, and untold other diseases and doctors seem stumped as to ‘why’.

After that scary first vaccination my daughter never had another vaccination – nor have any of her three siblings that arrived after her. They are all wonderful children – very bright, all honor roll students, all active and involved in the joy of living.

Sadly, it’s not so with many of my children’s friends. Often my children tell me of friends who are depressed, suffer migraines, who are constantly sick and absent from school or just can’t seem to focus on school work.

When I compare my children with their peers, I’m so thankful that, 19 years go, God prompted me to join the journey to health that you, Rev. Malkmus, have been promoting these many years.

The verse you often quote from Hosea 4:6, seems so prophetic: “My people are destroyed for lack of KNOWLEDGE because thou has REJECTED KNOWLEDGE.”

My dear friends who may be reading this – ‘I beg you, don’t reject knowledge. Rely on the true knowledge of God to guide you and your family to the freedom of true health.”
Marie R.

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