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“Dynamic Duo” Changes The World!

Need a bit of dietary encouragement? Check out these recent responses to the Health Tip!

“Dear George & Rhonda – You both, as the Man & the proverbial Woman-Behind-the-Man, are living proof that the answer to those that doubt the power of just one person (in this case a “dynamic duo” partnership) to change the world—that they both have— is a resounding YES!! You have changed the world for countless thankful people! Much love to our dear heroes!”
~ Anita

“This article by Rev. Malkmus is absolutely spot on. The ‘Body of Christ’ should never be sick. I don’t mean to use this comment to self promote, but I do want to share a personal testimony. I am healed of pancreatic cancer without chemo or radiation. I found Rev. Malkmus a great encouragement during my healing adventure with God. The story is shared in my book, ‘Slam the Door on Cancer and Lock it Out of Your Life.’ YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE SICK and God’s Word says so. My book weaves the science and God’s Word together.”
~ Jacquie W.

“I am having my raw juice as I type and aim for 75-85% raw Genesis 1:29 food which brings me great energy and immune strength as if I were in my 20′s, and I’m now almost 60. One thing I found the hard way (got cancer) is that constant on-going environmental issues – like the wireless radiation in our environment – can work against us even with the blessings of the Genesis 1:29 diet. If you are doing the Hallelujah Diet and still having health problems, check out the importance of eliminating electric, magnetic and wireless radiation from your environment. VERY important for our health and wellness! Thanks Hallelujah Acres for bringing one of the most powerful messages for health!”
~ Karen H.

“It has been my experience that many people do not understand prayer and do not pray in a positive manner. They treat prayer like going to a doctor seeking a prescription to cure their ailments. When I pray for someone I do not ask God to cure a person’s affliction. I ask God to help the person by showing them the way. I do pray the person will hear and accept the Lord’s advice. If they work together results will be positive. Only by acceptance of Gods guidance, which many people do not accept because it is not what they expected or desired, will a prayer be answered. Many people need to be started by suggestion (I never TELL someone what to do, that is their choice) along the correct path and help to hear Gods word.”
~ Dave

I think you do the Bible, and your ministry, a disservice by consistently failing to concede, address and explain why later passages of scripture allow and even direct the eating of animal flesh, e.g. the Passover lamb. I won’t go into all the other examples in the laws concerning the sacrificial systems, but we both know they are there. I suggest that to ignore these other biblical references is to be guilty of taking Genesis 1:29 out of context. It has the ring of untruth to those with even modest familiarity with the Bible. If I am wrong, please help me understand. Please! Hoping you can help.”
~ Ken B.

Editor Responds: First, God is the creator of this body we each possess! I believe that every Christian believes this fact. Second, after God had created that first man Adam, he placed him in a garden. I believe that every Christian accepts that biblical fact. Third, God gave Adam a diet in Genesis 1:29 that would properly nourish the physical body God had just created. It consisted exclusively of the plant foods growing in the garden. This fact cannot be denied.

According to the Bible, all mankind lived on this Genesis 1:29 diet for the next 1,700 years without a single instance of sickness and to an average age of 912 years. Then came a great FLOOD that covered all plant foods! This flood appeared some 1,700 years after Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden, and it covered all plant foods.

God in His mercy then gave man permission to eat the clean animals that were on the ark as a means of survival (I believe) until plant foods were once again available.

Once man got the taste of animal flesh, he couldn’t leave it alone. He also began cooking his food. These two changes in man’s diet resulted in mankind developing various forms of sickness. And the further man has moved from God’s original Genesis 1:29 diet, sickness has increased.

Here we are today in the year 2014, some 6,000 years since God gave Adam that original Genesis 1:29 diet, and yet, when a person today adopts God’s original Genesis 1:29 diet, they not only usually get well from whatever physical or psychological problem they are experiencing, but they don’t get sick anymore.

As far as meat is concerned, meat today bears no resemblance to what it was in Biblical days. With the way they feed the animals an extremely high protein diet resulting in lots of fat marbling, growth hormones added to get them to market faster, and antibiotics to keep them alive long enough to reach slaughter, they are a time bomb when their flesh enters the physical body.

In fact, today’s animal sourced foods are the CAUSE of some 90% of all man’s physical problems.

If we could eliminate these animal products from the diet and return to God’s original Genesis 1:29 diet, prayers for sickness would practically cease within our churches.
~ Rev. George Malkmus

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