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Confessions of a Sugar-holic

As we wind down the Health Tip for 2012,  we realize that we have shared several hundred new testimonies to add to the tens-of-thousands of testimonies received and shared in previous years. How exciting! Trust you find these testimonies inspirational and motivating.

“Before starting The Hallelujah Diet I was losing weight unintentionally. After beginning the diet I continued to lose weight, but continued to stick with the diet because I felt it was my only hope to improve my severe shoulder pains, numb fingers, hot flashes and asthma.

While these problem did go away as a result of the diet change, I continued to experience other health problems. But I am afraid I know the reason – I am a sugar-holic that works in a bakery that makes the best donuts in the state of Nebraska.

If I tried hard I could pretty well stay off the donuts but there are all kinds of sweet samples lying around plus good bakers and cooks sample whatever they are making. But lately I have been realizing that I sleep much better without any sugar in my system and I for sure would rather sleep than eat sugar.

Since stopping sugar consumption I have also noticed that I no longer have my chronic sore throat. So I am hoping I have the strength to remain sugar free. I am hoping that one day I can work at a job that more conductive to good health. My dream is to someday work at a job that helps others become well, rather than working at a job that contributes to their ill health.”
Janell Q., Hastings, Nebraska

“After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer and receiving chemotherapy I learned of Hallelujah Acres and adopted The Hallelujah Diet by following the 60-Day Challenge. As a result of making this diet change I feel ten times better.

Before the diet and lifestyle change my energy was poor and blood pressure was very low as a result of receiving chemotherapy treatments Not long after making the diet change I no longer had need of coffee in the morning to get me going and my blood pressure became normal. Also the hot flashes I had been experiencing following the hysterectomy went away! I want to be in remission a very long time, and I believe this Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle is helping me to have that long remission.”

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